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My Thanksgiving…

How was your Thanksgiving?  Mine was pretty good.  I mean time with family is always a good thing.  No drama and just a relaxing time.

For all the work I do to prepare for guests, it always seems anticlimactic when they arrive.  I was smart enough to take off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to finish my cleaning and cooking.  Seems it didn’t hit the right accord with some folks because I took time to do what I couldn’t do between working two jobs and life.  However, I refused to be diverted from spending quality time with my family and enjoying a few days off, hell I deserve it and hell I am tired.

Since I choose to clean and cook in an orderly manner, I didn’t feel overwhelmed as I have in the past.  I stayed focused and when I got tired (which I do because of this anemia) I rested and started all over again.  So by Wednesday I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  While my sister and nieces were in route, I finished my tasks.  By 7 pm, I was finished and was able to take a long leisurely bath before they arrived.

When they arrived, oh my goodness!  I forgot how energetic young ones can be even at 10 pm at night.  Lala made herself comfortable and went through ever room in the house.  She kinda nosey.

Me and Lala…

Thanksgiving dinner was amazing.  This year the turkey wasn’t too dry and the ham overheated and things had seasoning.  I was a bit scared for a moment because my cousin said, “When the food is gone, it is gone.”  Um, really?  Nevertheless, we had plenty of food, in fact I do not know where she put all the food they had left over because her refrigerator was already packed.

We left dinner and dropped the nieces off with my cousin and her husband, who we have dubbed the Baby Whisperer, because he has an uncanny ability with children who love him to death.  Seriously, I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t just gravitate to him.  Lala was no different.  She hung out with him and barely dealt with my cousin.  In fact, she pissed the dog off because she got in his lap and went to sleep, which is the dogs favorite place.  Oh, and Lala needs a dog.  She loves them.  Geez!  Hunny Bunny had her phone so she was fine wherever she was.

Shopping Thanksgiving after most of the big sales had started was an easy task this year.  Didn’t get much, because we really weren’t seeing much we had to have.  But I finally got my toaster oven.  Don’t judge.  I have wanted one for years and I finally nabbed one at JCP.  We were done and back home by 10 pm.  What?

My Sister and I…Why do I look so greasy or like I am crying???

Friday we didn’t even go out.  In fact, I didn’t leave the house at all that day.  I rested.  I needed it.  On Saturday, I pulled out the Christmas tree and ornaments and right now, the tree is sitting in my living room with the angel on top.  I have to add some lights because my prelit tree of 4 years is trying to act all damn funny.  LOL!

We did do a little shopping on Saturday and had a late lunch.  My sister finally got to meet the other manager at my second job.  And from there we took it home and rested until my cousins came over to laugh and talk.  Fun times.

Me on Saturday…


Sunday was another leisurely day.  My sister spent time with her sister and I relished in the quiet for a while.  Then we meet up for dinner and had a great meal.  Because by now Johnitis had kicked in for my sister, she was already packed and clothes ready for their travel day on Monday.

Let me tell you, Lala dealt with me, but child her mouth has no filter.  She looked at my cinnamon rolls and said, “No one was going to eat that.”  Really.  Then her mouth would say, “Your hair is pretty Aunt Nana.”  You see the contrast?  Hunny Bunny is going to love the Christmas gift I got her this year; I didn’t want to be the aunt who gives socks and underwear to the kids.  Caitlyn, my oldest niece had to deal with her mother and me in the background while she was on the phone acting like we were feening for crack.  We are so irritating.  I didn’t realize Caitlyn loved sweet potato pie so much.  That child was eating it for breakfast folks.

Caitlyn and I

Monday was bittersweet.  My house looks lived in and is back to quiet.  Thanksgiving was a success.  Spending time with family is priceless.

I should be back with a hair post for those who keep coming to this blog about Sisterlocks.

Preview of Thanksgiving Day hair…


***By the way I didn’t take many pictures.  I chose to be present in the moments!


Me today! Enjoy your day…


2 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving…

    • We are so Southern, we can’t imagine not cooking a big meal for Thanksgiving, just ain’t going to happen. LOL! Believe you and me, I only do a few items on the menu, but always have something on hand at home because I know while I am off, one of those days will be a complete do nothing one.

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