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Sisterlock Hair Post – Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaner Curls…

After I washed my hair a few weeks ago, I needed to find some kind of style to do to my hair.  As I constantly whine, my hair is too long and I can only wear it in a bun in the summer or a braid-out sparingly.  Why sparingly?  Because I have to be really careful not to let my purse or other things snag the locks.  Ugh!  One day soon I am going to cut some of this length off.

Anyway, I started perusing the Tube and saw a few tutorials about lock knots.  I actually did one, but I didn’t feel like it would work out with the smallness of my Sisterlocks and I would have to do only two or three locks to a knot, no Bueno because I have over 400 locks left in my head.  No can do.  Then I started noticing the pipe cleaner tutorials and after watching a multitude of videos, I decided let’s just try it.

So the weekend before Thanksgiving, I purchased some pipe cleaners and while whining on the phone with my sister, I rolled my Sisterlocks on pipe cleaners.  I was pleasantly surprised because I knew I could wear the style out and it would hold up until Thanksgiving Day.  I was concerned the pipe cleaners would show, but really you had to look mighty hard to see them.  Go me!  My sister said it didn’t seem like it took me too long to do, I was like child it took me 2 hours to get it finished.  So how did I do it?

I used my Crimps and Curls, coconut oil and my conditioner mix of Sisterlock Moisture Treatment and Oyin Moisturizer.  I wrapped varying amounts of locks on the pipe cleaners depending on the area and how tight I wanted the curls.  Why did it take so long?  Well, because of the varying lengths of my locks, wrapping them on the pipe cleaners was no easy task.  I did fold the pipe cleaners in half and tried to wrap my hair as tight as I could without them being uncomfortable.  I couldn’t stay out of the mirror admiring my handy work.

Front and back view…

I got so many compliments about the style with the pipe cleaners still in my hair.  I was just glad to have a break from my hair being in a bun on top of my head.  I liked the shorter style.

I wore this style until Thanksgiving Day and I took the pipe cleaners out rather easily.  Because I had a small opening at the bottom of the wrapped locks I could easily remove the pipe cleaners causing no damage to my hair.  Go me!  But it does take a bit of time to do.  I am always late to Thanksgiving dinner anyway.  I made the mistake of pulling the curls out of the spiral look and I probably should have left them end and allowed my hair to naturally fall.  Next time I will do that.

Finished product…

My hair still has some pretty nice curls, which I was able to pile on top of my head and get great compliments regarding my curly bun.  I will definitely do the pipe cleaners again, but probably use more of my Crimps and Curls to set longer.  And I will not pull the curls out, but let them fall naturally.  Only other issue is the metal on the pipe cleaners weren’t always comfortable while sleeping, but I managed.

This post is for those who keep searching my blog for Sisterlocks, hope this helps…


2 thoughts on “Sisterlock Hair Post – Pipe Cleaners

  1. You are so creative! My mom has been wearing her hair natural for a long time now and she had to get really creative too trying to find different things to do with her hair. She keeps hers really short. I really like the pipe cleaner do!

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