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That was the temperature when I got up for work today.  I am not trying to complain because I don’t want to be negative, but DAMN!  I don’t ever remember it being this cold here in Montgomery.  I had to let the heat run all night, so I kept waking up sweating.

Oh, and my car was like, “Oh, hell nawl!  Go take some seats it is too cold for me to move.”  As my sister said, my car wasn’t about that life.  Literally, my car would crank, but not stay cranked and I wanted to cry.  I didn’t, but I called into work, called my cousin and then laid my burdens down…got back in the bed.  A couple of hours later I went and cranked my car and it worked.  After driving around the block as instructed by my cousin, I dragged my ass back into the house, redressed and went to work.

It is currently 33 degrees.  No really.  In the south.  In Montgomery.  We have had a hand full of below freezing days, but this morning, last night was something else.  The air hurt.  It hurt this morning.  It is cold y’all!


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