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8 Year Anniversary of My Sisterlocks…

Today’s obligatory hair pictures. Pipe Cleaner take down look…

I have had my Sisterlocks for 8 years today. No big anniversary plans.  My hair is too boring for all that.  Last week while on my 2nd job, a black gentleman told me he liked my Sisterlocks.  I laughed and thanked him and said I was surprised he knew they were actually Sisterlocks.  He explained his wife is interested in getting them and he asked where did I get mine and who did them.  I told him my consultant was right here in Montgomery and she was certified.  He said he didn’t know there was a certified one her in Montgomery.  I said yep, my consultant is no longer listed on the Sisterlock site, but she is certified and certified to train folks to retighten.  He was shocked.  I told him how to check out her website and to also go to the actual Sisterlock site because there is another certified consultant in Montgomery and a trainee in Prattville that I actually met last year.

I rarely get asked about my hair because it is boring.  I have received a multitude of compliments this past week or so because I have had them rolled on pipe cleaners.  I have worn them this way for a week and a half.  I finally took them out this Wednesday.  And I today pulled the curls down further.  Folks liked the different style and I did too, but the time it takes to put those pipe cleaners in is consuming.

I have no set regimen.  I wash, which I still hate to do.  I moisturize and condition.  I either braid or keep in a bun.  I oil my scalp with jojoba oil and coconut oil and rarely with castor oil.  I have a lot of gray hair.  A lot.  I need a grooming.  I need a cut.  Still debating on cutting it myself.  My locks are much healthier.  The thinness I do have is because I wear it in a bun frequently.

My hair length as of June 2014…

I like my hair.  I am no longer in love with my hair.  My hair is long, very long.  And it is all MY hair too.  I wish I had some awe inspiring thing to say about my hair, but I don’t.  Sorry to those who google the site and come here only to get very few hair posts.  However, after 8 years what else is there to say about my hair?  If you go through my blogger entries you can see the transformation and recognize when my hair became boring and not worth talking about except on occasion.

8 years and counting…

Happy 8 years with Sisterlocks…


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