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The Day I Fell…

After I finished putting up my Christmas tree, I had my boxes ready to take outside and put in the storage room.  My goal was to put them in the storage shed on that Saturday, but low and behold it rained.  So I had to wait until Sunday.  And you know when you are anxious to get something done and you fixate on doing it?  That was how I was with the boxes.  It wasn’t a bunch of boxes, but I knew when the anemia kicked in, lazy would appear and another week would pass before the boxes got put up.  Anyway, I was able to take them out on Sunday.

I had two of the Rubbermaid containers stacked on each other and going out my back door there is a step down.  I know this and I thought I was doing it, but baby…I stepped wrong!  My right ankle turned slightly, my left ankle turned and the containers went flying.  My right knee hit the pavement as well.  However, my first concern was to see if anyone had seen my epic fall.  Don’t trip, everyone does this.  Then I slowly and meticulously got up, praying the whole while I hadn’t broken my left ankle.  If I had, I had visions of lying at the backdoor for hours because I couldn’t get back into the house to call for help.  Both ankles were sore and nothing seemed broken except my feelings.  I got the boxes into the storage room as quickly as I could, which meant I was moving in slow motion and walking tentatively.  Then I got back inside and immediately ran a hot Epsom salt bath.  I also went to find my ankle wrap from the last time I sprained my ankle.  They say once you sprain your ankle it is easily sprained again.  And my left ankle is bigger than right one and weaker.

So as I prepared for my book club meeting and all things I needed to do for the Christmas holidays, I was walking around with a sore right ankle and a sprained left ankle.  I can say it never got truly swollen as long as I kept it wrapped.  One day I said I was not wearing the wrap and baby that was the wrong thing to do.  My foot looked like a caveman’s.  I probably should have gone to the doctor, but I don’t think they would have done any more than I did.

My ankle is wrapped today, but it isn’t sore anymore I do have a small amount of pain depending on how I turn my foot, but otherwise things are good.  Now me going out my backdoor is another thing altogether.  It is like I have PTSD and I avoid opening and going out that back door.  It really is kinda sad, but hey the fear of falling again is real!

Just another boring story to pass on because I didn’t think I mentioned it in my randoms.  Plus, I am sitting here sick with a cold or sinus infection, but luckily I caught it early.  Thank goodness.  However, I sound worse than I feel…sighing…Happy Monday!


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