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Hello Sunshine!

The sun is shining and it is making me smile really big.  I have truly missed seeing the sun.  The gray, dismal and sad skies were affecting my disposition.  To wake up and to see the sun is a true blessing.

This week has been interesting.  Last Friday, I started to feel the funny feeling in the back of my throat, which indicated a cold or sinus infection was coming.  When I got home that night, I immediately took some meds and rested the next day.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t head off the fever.  So Sunday, I was dragging, but managed to get the fever under control and feel better, but I sounded like a wounded frog with the congestion, but I was up and moving.  Although, I sounded worse than I actually felt, Monday was a good day.  However, Monday night caught me off guard.  I took my meds and went to sleep.  Then I promptly woke up at 2 am coughing, feverish and congested.  So not fun.  I thought taking some ibuprofen about 6 and going into work a little later would work, but um, my body said, NO!  So I rested that day and believe it or not I felt much better and the congestion is loosening up, which is definitely needed.

So other than recovering from this cold, this week has been uneventful, but looking out my office window is giving pure unadulterated joy, sun!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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