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I Have A Secret…That I Can’t Tell Randoms…

My favorite picture from Saturday night…

So…Last week was our annual Martin Luther King’s day off.  And for the last few years I have did some day of service type activity.  This year, they had few volunteer opportunities for that Monday and most were catered to the young folks.  I kept debating on whether I would help with the group rehabbing houses near the west side of the city, but the more I contemplated the more I realized I just wasn’t physically able to do any heavy lifting or demolishing because I was still coughing from this cold and low blood seriously is not a joke.  So I actually ran an errand or two that morning and came home and rested.  A marathon of Law & Order: SVU helped!

I got my Fitbit…Go me!  However, getting it was a hot mess.  I ordered it from Sea.rs, they text, called and emailed me when it was ready for pick up at the store.  I went to pick it up and spent 15 minutes waiting on them to bring the item out to me.  Well, I had to get them to come out of the store room and give me my paperwork back because I needed to get to the 2nd job.  They couldn’t find my package.  The young man looking for it said he had seen it, but now they couldn’t find it.  I was side –eyeing them and thinking someone has stolen my item.  The young man told me to contact customer service.  That in itself is an ordeal.  OMG!  I was on that phone for 45 minutes and 35 of those minutes was the rep trying to get the local store to answer the damn phone!  He kept coming back on the line to tell me he is still trying to contact someone.  Bless his heart.  I finally spoke with the manager of the shipping department who assured me she would continue to look for the item or replace it.  Thirty minutes after I hung up, my Fitbit magically was found.  I did get a gift card for my inconvenience.  Now let me go take a quick walk…

My second job is wearing me out.  Finding good workers and assistant managers is harder than picking the lint out my Sisterlocks…  Applicants are lacking. Sighing…  I got folks dating each other, which I do not approve.  I am of the mindset of don’t eat where you shit.  And now I have to be creative with scheduling because they can’t be apart during the shift so things aren’t getting done because they are enamored with each other.  Ican’t!

I am already thinking about my garden for this summer.  Which makes no sense, because our weather will not commit to winter or fall…

My weeknight television is out of control.  I do not like my nights tied up with television.  Now on Wednesday night I have to watch Empire.  I had no plans to watch it but I tuned in and got hooked.  It is like watching a soap opera from the 80s with black characters.  Luckily, the season finale of American Horror Story:  Freak Show was last Wed.  Lawd, that one needed to end because I was starting to feel out of sorts with the amount of killing on the show.  I felt like I was going to need therapy.  And my goodness the damn clown was on the last episode, I am now afraid of clowns.  I can no longer look at Neil Patrick Harris the same either.  The show changed me!  LOL!  Well, Thursday Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder return and I am ready but not ready.  This month or so freed up my Thursday…now back to no calls and leave me alone because I have to get ready as soon as I get home.

I am ashamed to say I have yet to wash my hair and retighten it.  I can’t get warm enough to wash it.  Sighing…

Last week when I saw the picture of Tiger Woods with the missing tooth, I was obsessed with staring at the picture.  I mean I was just drawn to the missing tooth, then I see a picture this week of Damon Dash with his missing front tooth and I just stared.  I need help.  Ijustwentandlookedatthepictureagain…

The city of Montgomery seems to be going through a period of lawlessness.  About two weeks ago we had three back to back incidents.  There was a shootout at a gas station.  Then there was high speed chase from a neighboring town to Montgomery where the folks were running from the police after shoplifting at the Wally World.  Finally, that evening there was a shooting with injury at one of the Wally World’s in Montgomery.  Not to mentioned the killing last Tuesday.  Oh, the new Police chief started on January 16th.

Speaking of police have you ever got a warning for failing to signal?  Let’s just say hypothetically you are in your neighborhood leaving your street and you stop at the yield sign and since there wasn’t anyone behind you, and the car coming from your left is two streets down you turn right failing to turn on your signal.  And then you get pulled over 4 houses from the street you turn on by the police.  He comes to your car grinning saying you failed to turn on your signal light.  Then he asked for your license and insurance, which you do not have to provide because it is in the computers nowadays.  And you hypothetically are sitting in your car pissed because one you weren’t speeding, there was no car behind you and further when you made the right turn the signal would have turned off because of the way you yielded once you completed the turn.  He takes the time to give you a paper warning in a neighborhood where folks stand outside in the cold to sale pharmaceuticals, there are random gunshots and folks steal packages off porches and you want to pull over a person for a signal light.  Really?  Seriously?   Wasted time and paper.  By the way, let’s just say while waiting on your paper warning, not knowing if a ticket was coming you monitor all the cars turning on the street and witness two not using their signal…Wasted time and paper.  Hypothetically, someone is still salty about the encounter, not me though…LOL!

Welcoming members to the meeting with a Mardi Gras theme!

We had book club this past weekend.  I will not tell you the book, but Lawd it was so difficult for me to finish the book.  Ever read a book that was too verbose and disjointed because the editor didn’t want to hurt the author’s feelings and make them take the tangents out?  Only a couple of us finished it.  The meeting was good though.  Had us some gumbo, Hurricanes and Mardi Gras cheesecakes with a baby in one of them and one of the members won the prize.  I wished I like cheesecake.

I have a secret I can’t tell. Don’t you hate when folks say that?

I wanted a donut with my coffee all week and guess what?  Someone brought donuts today. Want He do it?  Not good for my waistline, but oh my coffee sure does thank the angel who heard my need for a donut with my coffee.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

My two favorite pictures from Saturday…because I am vain!


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