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Happy Birthday Caitlyn!


See her as a baby…

Lucky for me I keep getting younger looking as my nieces get older.  God is good like that!  Today is Caitlyn’s birthday, it seems like yesterday me and my then boyfriend drove to Virginia to spend a week with my new niece.  By the way, me and the old boyfriend almost broke up by the time we reached Virginia, but that is another story.  I got to spend time spoiling her and laughing because I wouldn’t have to deal with the fact she liked sleeping on my chest and that was going to be a hard habit to break.  I think that was the last time I babysat, unless you count when her mama left Lala and Hunny Bunny to take her to the airport after Thanksgiving.  Naw, that doesn’t count because I was sleep most of that time. (Finding good babysitter is really difficult.)

Aren't we cute?

        Aren’t we cute?

Some of my best memories are of were of her learning the words to Master P’s song, Make ‘Em Say …”  She even had the hand jesters down pat.  Or when she showed JT how to tie his shoes and to this day that is so funny.  What is not funny is when the two of them got together they were bad or okay not bad sneaky.  Like the time they licked the icinig off all the cupcakes and we knew it was them, because Caitlyn is allergic to chocolate so those were left untouched.  Really?  My best memory and if I could just find the picture is when she was sitting on the floor reading a book from a basket of books my book club was donating to a local domestic violence shelter.  She was so intent on what she was reading and I was just one proud aunt.  She liked to read like I do.  Do you even still read anything besides school books?

She got her dimple from me.  You are welcome.

I am so glad I was able to pass my vanity on to you.  Yes!

I am sorry me and your cousin Kay twerked at your high school graduation.  Just kidding…We ain’t bout that life, now! LOL!

     Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and can turn up with the best of them, kinda.  You ain’t legal yet!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Caitlyn!

  1. Yea good childcare IS hard to find! She has truly grown up and honestly, when I look at her I see so much of you… the vanity, lack of childcare abilities, but also her since of honesty and need for structure and routine. She is so lucky to be your niece.. the first at that. lol

    • Um, I know how to babysit, but I gave that position up years ago! Plus, I am too old to be babysitting. Caitlyn is going to do well and because she got spoiled the most especially by me, she can’t help but be fabulous!

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