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I Tried to Like Him…

I am looking for a new doctor again.  This time it is because my gut and my mind will not settle for the one I currently have.  I really wanted to like him.

I posted before about not really liking him when his office didn’t even call me about my low blood count numbers and if I hadn’t called them myself I would not have known I would need a colonoscopy.  My second appointment went fine, my blood pressure was up, but he wanted to monitor it a bit closer over the next couple of months.  What I have noticed that at certain times and not all the time there is a spike, but it settles within normal ranges by my late evening testing.  Um…?

I called to reschedule my next week appointment.  Honestly, I just didn’t want to deal with the Dr. or the office next week and the day it was schedule had become inconvenient.  The first thing I realized was the young lady from my first appointment and who I had dealt with mainly, undoubtedly was no longer working in the office, which for me is another red flag.  The next red flag was the lady couldn’t find my name in the computer for an appointment on next week.  Say what now?  She kept spelling my name wrong and folks I do not stutter or have trouble enunciating.  She said at one point she didn’t understand me.  Ugh!  She had to pull my file and this dummy (Lawd, please forgive me!) says to me that I haven’t been in since 2014.  I said, “Yeah, December 2014.”  What the hell?  She kept acting like that was  months ago when in actually it is a little over 2 months ago. Seriously.  Then she kept asking if I was sure I had an appointment next week.  I held my tongue. “I am sitting here with the appointment card in my hand with the date and time.  It was where I found your number to call the office.”  OMG!  Mind you, she has already hung up the phone on me, accidently.  Ican’t!  She reschedules the appointment and I ask if they could give me an additional month of refills on my prescriptions.  You would have thought I had asked her to do something illegal.  She proceeds to tell me they can’t do that because I haven’t been in since last year.  Y’all, this woman is either dumb or just ill prepared for her position.  First of all, they only give prescription refills for 3 months at each visit.  I didn’t get a refill in December a little over two months ago.  I told her I needed my blood pressure medicine and after dealing with her I needed an additional dose.  She said she would see what she could do.  I was done.  She asked me why I couldn’t come in next week and all that is irrelevant when I called to reschedule only to learn I didn’t even have an appointment anyway.

I don’t like this office.  The workers are either too unprofessional or ill-prepared to do their job.  The doctor and I have a language barrier.  Further, the office treats everyone as if they are on public assistance and to me that is unprofessional.  All patients should be treated professionally.  The woman seemed to not believe I worked and that could possibly be a reason for me not being able to make my appointment next week.  The stress of finding a new doctor has begun.  I need someone who runs a practice, with the proper number of qualified and efficient staff to handle patients with care and professionalism.

I really do miss my doctor of over a decade.  This shit is for the birds.

BTW:  My prescription was called in…


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