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Winter, Spring, Fall and Winter Again Randoms

We had book club meeting this past Saturday.  My goodness folks were up in arms about the book.  They were mad at the folks who chose the book.  Basically, the book was a glorified book of sex.ual romps, most of them over-the-top, with no plot.  Folks felt I should have made an executive decision and changed the book; however, I haven’t done that since the very first year of club.  It was chosen by the majority and face it; I had to read it they did too.  FYI, I tend to read the books a little bit ahead in order to prepare for the meetings.  The worse books make the best discussions.

I watched a little bit of the BET Honors.  During Kany.e’s speech, I threw up a little bit in my mouth and turned and didn’t turn back until it was over.  I get he is a “visionary” I mean his designs for Adidas were out there, his music has been out there for a while.  Do you remember when his music was HOT?  I know it was a long while ago.  However, during his speech he made some disrespectful comments which further enhance my belief he hates women.  He is really an intelligent man who is quite talented, but sometimes I just wonder…

I had a customer confront me about our prices on my 2nd job.  It was an interesting exchange.  I got her points, but I had to remind her we were a fast-casual establishment where we make things in house and we use higher quality ingredients.  She was comparing us to the arches, which we are not.  LOL!

Rain this week, plus we haven’t been past the upper 40s all week.  Oh, we were in the 70s this past weekend.  I can’t with this weather.  I am glad we didn’t get snow.

Last week two of my workers were waiting on their rides.  I didn’t realize they were waiting until I got into my car.  They assured me their rides were on their way.  The temperature was 39 degrees.  I warmed up my car (no heat because I get hot quick) and waited, and waited and waited.  Lawd, their parents aren’t loyal.  I got out of my car and asked again, “Where the hell are your rides?”  They tell me again on the way.  I stated, “When?  Because I have been waiting for 25 minutes.  Look I am out of here.”  Chunked the deuces and complained to my sister.  My understanding is their rides got there at 10:40 and 10:45 pm.  Really?  I left at 10:17 pm.  Yeah, I was clocking it.  And on Sunday, one of my younger workers (16) ride wasn’t there to pick her up at 9:35 pm.  I didn’t clock out this time and we waited in the store until her mom got there. What was funny was when she called her mom from the landline phone (she isn’t allowed a cell phone) she was like, “Mom!  I am the last one here.”  LOL!

New randoms…  I started these last week and just getting around to finishing them.

I just read a fb post where the person was ranting and raving about the negative posts from their “friends” and how tired she was of hearing folks bitch about the weather and things no one cares about and they should use fb as a platform for positive and meaningful things.  Um, it is their fb page and their status and if that is what they want to do you have options unfriend or unfollow, both work.  I used them regularly when I find someone to be so negative or posting things just for the engagement.  FB ain’t that serious it is social (anti) media and you can control what comes across your timeline if you unfriend and unfollow.  Geez…

Let me tell you about our weather seriously.  Yesterday morning I woke up and the temperature was 72 degrees, when I left for work it was 63 degrees and by 11 am it was 43 degrees and got down to freezing last night.  I can’t!  This is just unbelievable.  I mean we had a day this week of over 80 degrees.

Caitlyn, Hunny Bunny and Lala…

My niece is a Sigma Gamma Rho now.  She followed her mother into the organization.  You know my family is filled with Delta’s right?

Caitlyn and her mama…

Lala acts just like my grandmother.

Lala looking like Janie and (me…shh!)

I had to contact Fashion Fair, don’t laugh I have been using their Cover tone for 25 years.  When I contacted them I had to add the years up because I started using them when I was 20 and got chicken pox and my face was a fool.  I had them all over my face.  Anyway, their Vantex cleared up the marks, but the Cover Tone covered things until it did.  Plus, I really was a walking advertisement for Vantex. I got so many compliments about my skin after using it and especially when I wasn’t wearing makeup.  Anyway, I went to order my loose powder and they didn’t have my color and then I started checking all the places I could get it and realize my Cover Tone color was nowhere to be found.  I panicked.  What foundation was I going to use?  The idea of finding a new foundation sent me to a dark place.  Now mind you I was able to get my color a month ago and I hadn’t even opened the container yet and it will last me a year.  I know, crazy.  So I emailed them to find out what is up and they actually responded.  They just were temporarily out of my color at their warehouse.  Thank you sweet, lawd!  Do you know how hard it is to find foundation that works and doesn’t look or feel like you have on foundation?  Chile…first world problems. (I am not sponsored nor did I receive anything from Fashion Fair.)

This is the week for the Selma to Montgomery 50th Anniversary of the March.  We have no hotel rooms available in the city.  None.  Restaurants had to order more food and prepare to get blowed this weekend.  This is so historical.

Did you see the finale of HTGAWM?  Um, the first hour was boring all I wanted to know was who killed Lila.  Damn, is all I can say.

Last night’s episode of Scandal was so powerful.  If only situations ended like that one.  I cried.  I really didn’t think Shonda could make me feel anything with Scandal anymore because it was getting a bit boring, but last night…my heart.

Switching gears Empire had me crying too.  Geez, the brothers in the elevator and watching Andre spiral.  Seriously, this show is good.

I do not have much planned for the weekend just some light cleaning and of course working the 2nd job.  If we don’t find another assistant manager soon…

Have a great weekend!

Wouldn’t be right without some selfies…


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