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I Have a Student Loan I Need to Pay Off…

I just need someone to start, contribute and tell my story to pay off my student loan from law school.  I mean I did pay my way through undergrad and my former employer paid for graduate school because of my outstanding work so that should count for something.  Right?

I have seen the Gofundmes for trips to Las Vegas, apartment fees and now for a plane.  Wow!  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since folks helped the guy with his potato salad.

What happened to working for what you need and want and garnering the gratification of hard work and doing it the hard way.  There is something to be said for doing things the hard way, self-gratification.  Seriously, now folks want to do things the easy way, the lazy way.  You do know and realize nothing in life is free?

Shoot if my student loan was paid for, I would have a new car and have done some remodeling and fixing up on the house I live in now.  However, trying to be the responsible adult I am, I am paying off debt and living within my means and I am seeing the fruits of my labor.  I will have a new car this year.  Speak it into existence, I claim it!

Folks using the Gofundme for whatever reasons are sure hurting the folks who may seriously not have the means to do what they need done.  Just because you do not want to pay for a trip out of your own money, that you claim to already have, just doesn’t seem right when there are so many folks out here who are trying to do better but can’t catch a break.  However, you have the right to do what others have done and reasoned it has been successful.  I have seen the hearts of many open their pockets to help others through a GoFundme type situation and that has given me hope in humanity.  For me, I ain’t helping you go to California, Paris or Vegas when I want to go myself.

Two things I do know is I always feel better when I work hard for whatever I need and want.  Also, nothing is free, nothing.  We have become a society of getting something for nothing, but everything has a cost.  Always remember that…


2 thoughts on “I Have a Student Loan I Need to Pay Off…

  1. I totally agree with you. This Go Fund My Lifestyle stuff has gotten really out of control. I think it takes away from the original intent. It’s hard to manage that though and people just run away with it if there is an opportunity for money making. I’m sure there are people with go fund me accounts for student loans-but there shouldn’t be.

  2. Exactly. I would feel like a fraud asking for help for my student loans. It just has gotten out of hand and with Dollar wanting a $65 million dollar plane, things have gone too far. I hope he recognizes his greed isn’t being seen as a charitable investment…

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