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Pop Culture Randoms…

So Sunday after the 2nd job, I caught a little bit of the Monique interview on TV 1.  Interesting…and so damn confusing.  What the hell is an indefinite hiatus?  Um, cancelled?  Shrugging…  You were offered several roles and received the scripts, but no one ever called you back.  Daniels is blackballing you.  Well if you ask Malik Yoba, he would probably say, “Um, Lee don’t run the show the showrunner does and his word don’t mean shyte!”  I am just saying… Anyway, I didn’t see the entire interview because a couple things bothered me about the interview.  One, she and Daniels need to deal with this one on one.  Two, in Hollywood there are going to be times when you must humble yourself and seriously who intimates they don’t give a damn about an Oscar…especially when you want to make more movies?  I am just saying. I do want to see her movie, but if she wants folks to see let’s don’t have it on TV 1.  No one saw the interview because the blogs weren’t talking about it.

Y’all done let Chris have a baby.  Seriously, why are folks stilling doing the do without co.ndoms?  These folks make me nervous.  Did you see the stats out of ATL about the number of new HIV cases?  Lots of celebrities reside in ATL.  Speaking of Chris, his longtime girlfriend kicked the rocks and threw up the deuces and bounced right on out of that situation.  She ain’t about being the stepmama/babysitter.  What are break babies?  Sounds more like doing the do without cond.oms.

Empire was epic!  Two hours.  Was too damn long. No really.  After the first 30 minutes, I found my body overwhelmed with all the damn drama.  They needed to sit their behinds down for a few minutes so our bodies could catch up.  When Lucious started doing that diabolical laugh and kept talking about himself in the third person as if he was God, was too much.  I kept looking around my room thinking maybe this blasphemy was going to reflect badly upon me when I get to the pearly gates and frankly I have way too many things to already explain without Empire being on the list.  Game time bytches… Next season for Dwight Walker…LOL!

Something is wrong with Da.mon D.ash.  No really ever since he did the introduction for that KW dude I think he has flipped his wig.  Jay better watch his back he is probably next.  He is suing folks left and right.

You Don’t Know by Jill Scott is so good.  Bluesy.  I am so here for it.

Malik Yoba is now being branded as a drug abuser and that is why he was fired from Empire.  All I know is I don’t really believe that.  But what do I know is, I just think they had to kill someone and he was the easiest target.  He seems a little salty about it though.

Is Lil Wa.yne losing it?  He isn’t sounding like himself.  I mean it could be the stress of the fighting with Baby, but still…

Will Maxwell have a new album in another decade or so?  He stays performing, but a new album ain’t been out in years.

Those Kardashian sisters stay in the headlines.  They stay trying to be relevant.  If we could get them to admit to all the plastic surgery so these young girls understand there is a price for having their so called perfect bodies.  Ain’t nobody fooled.  I watched them when they first got the show and baby have things changed tremendously.  Can’t knock their hustle, but they didn’t invent it though.  IJS!

Finally, Monet Davis is a class act.  She will get through those pearly gates with fewer questions than me.  A whole lot fewer questions…


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