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Easter Ramblings of Random Goings On…

No I haven’t fallen into some unidentifiable hole here in the city.  I am still among the living.  I have been busy at both jobs and with my book club and I haven’t had much time to blog or think of some witty post.  Unfortunately, it seems I can’t come up with an Editor’s note for my book club’s newsletter either.  Yeah, sometimes writer’s block or as I sometimes refer to it as life’s block happens.

Watching my President give his speech in Selma…

Not much going on around these parts, well that isn’t quite true.  The President has been to our state twice this past month.  The first was the anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma.  Although I didn’t participate in any of the activities, the agency I work for had a big hand in security during the entire celebration in Selma.  My city had no hotel rooms available and there was a lot of energy in the city.  Last week was the anniversary of the speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King on the steps of the State Capital.  And although it was only a few blocks from my office, the crowds and excitement could be experienced from our office.  The Guy was out there in the mix of things.  Seriously, I can’t tolerate large crowds anymore so I got to see things through his eyes, which made me feel like I was right there.  The whole thing gave me goosebumps because of the air of excitement, history and coming together of all races for what the March stood for.  Did you hear or see Morris Dees’ speech?  Mic drop…

The view from The Guy’s camera on March 25, 2015!

I haven’t quit my Dr. yet.  My bestie had her appointment the same day as mine and I took that as a sign from God.  In fact, the appointment went well and even Nurse Ratchet was on her best behavior.  My bestie basically calmed me down and I needed to do that, because you all know how hard change is for me at times.

I love my oldest niece, but she is acting funny.  LOL!  I keep telling her those letters don’t mean I want grab her by the throat.  Seriously, her choir just finished their tour and from what I could gather it was a great experience.

Hunny Bunny is styling…

Hunny Bunny is still writing and I am looking forward to the next installment on her blog.  She is even stepping up her fashion game.  Yes!

Lala…this is such a gorgeous picture of her…

Lala was telling me something on the phone the other night and her mama gonna ask me what she said.  She is so funny.  Lala talks too fast and I only catch a few words or phrases and I really thought she said she was going to choke her mama.  What?  She has some of my grandmamma Janie in her so it is entirely possible she was thinking it.  She is the cuss police though.  She is going get tired of fining folks though.  Cussing is a rite of passage in this family.  Oh she is getting married too!  She really said that…

My sister and I have an exercise challenge we really need to nail down the particulars.  I want my arm to vibrate at least 4 times a week because I met my fitness step goals.  Now the food part is going to be a problem.  I don’t like many foods lately.  I haven’t been cooking.  I do think I will do some dumplings and egg rolls next week.  Sighing…I am over foods.  One night I drank a milkshake for dinner.  No not a protein milkshake, a real milkshake with ice cream and milk and I was satisfied.  Really.  The Guy is going to join the challenge…we will see…

Folks would be so proud of me as I have been as quiet as a mouse on a situation I find absolutely ludicrous.  I just decided if they like I love it only problem if they confront me about it, I am going to tell the truth.  They don’t want to hear the truth. Shrugging…

My cousin is cooking Easter dinner.  She hasn’t invited me.  I ain’t mad because I ain’t going.  You are probably thinking I am mad but I am not.  She is cooking turkey, dressing and sweet potato soufflé and other typical holiday meal.  First of all, I do not want to see turkey again until November.  Secondly, she has never made sweet potato soufflé.  I am the only one who does and her grandsons are gonna be mad.  Shrugging…Crab legs and shrimp for me.

I haven’t done one garden thing yet.  Home Depot will not put out a real ad on their site so that is my struggle.  I need to know where the most bang for my buck will go.  Anyway, we had a cold snap last week.  This week feels like the beginnings of summer.  Spring is getting lost again.  I may work on the garden I may not this weekend.

I am wearing red lipstick, y’all. Always Red by Sephora…loves it.

We had book club Saturday.  We read Momma Gone by Nina Foxx and it was a good discussion about a good book.  After February’s book, we needed a story with a plot.  The hosts made great food for the meeting.  One of them has a cake pop business.  I experienced my first cake pop, y’all.  Folks were taking several home with them.  They were so pretty and she takes the time to really decorate them.  She says they are labor intensive and quite messy to make, but the outcome is gorgeous.  I wasn’t a fan.  I just don’t like round balls of cake.  This sounds awful, but I remember when my nieces tried some a few months ago they reacted the same as I did, just not for us.  But really those who liked them loved them and they really are gorgeous.

I am off on Sunday so I am hoping I get some things done so I can actually enjoy my Sunday the way I want to either resting or working in my garden.

I am still here everyone, just trying to find my voice again to say something or anything… Happy Easter!

Look at Carson…


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