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Was the Moon in Retrograde Last Night?

This morning started off pleasantly.  Yes, birds were chirping and singing me a morning song as I skipped to work on this beautiful day.  (Too much?  And it just stopped raining too.)  I even laughed at the inside joke at work as my name has changed to Minnie from The Help.  I laughed a good five minutes about the new name plate.

Then I made a big mistake.  I went on FB and saw where a family member had posted a Gofundme for him and his family.  I saw red.  I couldn’t get to the GFM page fast enough.  I read it and imaginary tears rolled down my face.  It was almost illegible with all the grammatical errors.  Shameful.  Didn’t I just write a blog post about the misuse of these type fundraiser sites?  He is having a financial hardship and needs several thousand dollars in order to provide birthday parties for two of his daughters.  Shit, I can bake a cake and buy some ice cream for less than $50.  I would be empathetic, but I refuse to enable folks, who are living above their means and knowing he has other income, but his wife refuses to work, to me parties are not a priority.  A roof over your head, food on the table and stability are more important.  Before anyone thinks I am being mean, know folks have helped them out on numerous occasions and it is time they start living accordingly.  Work has never hurt anybody.  (Guess what?  Before I could get this published it was removed.  Ain’t God good!)

I called my cousin so she could encourage her brother to have the GFM page removed.  She tells me my uncle’s youngest daughter was on the news.  Why?  She illegally parked and someone left a racist note calling her the N word.  Sighing… Why are you on the news, true your face is covered, but everyone knew it was you because they called your sister?  She has warrants for her arrest.  I can’t.

Finally, my cousin’s ex-wife wants to return to the city.  My cousin encouraged her to talk to his sister about moving in with her and her husband, since they are living alone now.  Really?  Sighing… First of all, the ex-wife has a multitude of medical issues and she needs to have a family member with a Power of Attorney and we aren’t her legal family.  Secondly, she has a touch of dementia.  Finally, who the hell offers someone else’s house?  My cousin was shocked and her sister said she hoped he wasn’t considering her living with me.  I ain’t doing it.  I cannot take care of another living soul anytime soon.  My wound from the loss of my aunt still pains me from time to time and I ain’t taking on that responsibility again.

As the day goes on, something weird is bound to happen again.  When I told my sister of the goings on she just laughed.  I really do not think it is funny at all!


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