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Gardening Spirit…

First rose of the season…

How was your weekend?  I had a pretty quiet one.  Things were pretty smooth and pleasant.

I decided on Saturday I would get up early and hit the Home Depot and Lowe’s because it was Spring Black Friday.  You know when all the gardening and outside items are on sale.  Finally, there was a Home Depot circular.  I have been looking for that sucker for over a month.  I guess they were waiting on that last cold snap to pass before letting us bargain shoppers get our gardening needs.

I try to get to Home Depot early because if you go much later than 8 am, it is crowded and you can’t look for plants and flowers at your leisure.  I will say the $1.88 gardening soil was an amazing deal.  As was the buy one get one free seed packets.  In fact, I went overboard on the seeds.  But I have a vision…LOL! I had the hardest time finding flower seeds in Home Depot and it was crazy because they had this big cart like thingy pushed up on a back wall.  The cart couldn’t be moved and I had to literally squeeze myself into this small opening to view the packets.  I was so not happy because the fixtures on the wall were dusty and full of cobwebs.  Y’all know I have Sisterlocks and I was so scared a spider would get into my hair I was like forget this!  I told the associate at the cash register my issue and she apologized, but hell they need to move the cart.  If you have seeds on sale, make them visible for folks to buy them.  Easy.

I found some great looking geraniums.  My sister calls them old lady flowers.  For me, it is carrying on a tradition of my aunt who always planted geraniums in the planters on our front porch.  It is my homage to her.  I keep roses for my grandmother.  I do the vegetables for my uncle, because I wish he could see me gardening as I can hear him laughing at my antics, but loving the fruit of my labor.  I do the flowers for me, because there is nothing more special than walking into your house and seeing and smelling a bouquet of flowers from your own garden.

I hit up Lowe’s because Home Depot flower seeds were so limited.  I needed some Coleus seeds and other flowers for the planters I am going to try designing this year.  They had a good sale, but not as great as the Home Depot.  Seeds weren’t on sale but their small planting flowers were.  And their plants were so pretty.  I did pick up a small Peace Lily to go with the one I have been babying for 4 years to make it fuller.  I also got a tool to till my raised garden and get rid of those pesky weeds.  I have ivy vines I can’t seem to get rid of.  If you are looking for plants for planters they have a great selection.

I try to challenge myself each year when I garden.  I plant something new to see if I can do it.  Last year it was the heirloom tomatoes.  Year before that was zucchini.  This year, I am doing green beans.  Y’all wish me luck.

This week between working out, e-filing my taxes and cleaning I will start my peppers inside the house.  I will try to get outside to till my raised garden and aerate the soil so I can start planting this weekend.  I am finally getting excited about gardening.  I also think this year I will set up the timer on the days I have to work so that doesn’t stress me out when it requires more than one watering.

                                       My garden haul…

I am not sponsored nor did I receive any money to talk about these two retailers.  I used my hard earn money and thanks to some gift certificates not all my money! LOL!


5 thoughts on “Gardening Spirit…

  1. My husband is really into gardening and growing things. We put pavers in our small back yard so he has nothing to work with-which is why he wants to move eventually. Anyway, when I’ve helped him plant seeds I’ve always enjoyed it but I just can’t find myself wanting to do it. I definitely see why people like it. Yeah, that’s super annoying. How are they going to have stock to sell that you can’t get to?

    • I just like the calm it gives me after a long day at work and I can spend an hour or so just messing around in the dirt. Don’t get me wrong on those really hot days I don’t want to be out there dealing with the heat trying to make sure the plants are okay. LOL!

  2. I live for spring where I can get my hands dirty. Some days I’m in the garden so long I come out looking like pigpen! But it is such satisfaction to pick what you’ve worked so hard for. Love your story behind the types of things you grow. 🙂 Best to you, Koko

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