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Gardening Tales 2015 – Part I

I finally got my poor, lonely grape tomato plant outside in the raised garden.  I had the best intentions but I just couldn’t muster up enough energy to deal with the raised garden.  It was covered in ivy vines, the mulch needed to be removed and the whole area needed to be aerated.  That’s too much!  LOL!

I really waited too late on Sunday to start working on it because it was hot!  But I got out there and cleaned that sucker up.  It took an hour and a half to do it, but I got it done.  I still need to get rid of the dirt behind the raised garden, but I ran out of trash bags and I have to be careful about putting dirt in my garbage can, the folks won’t pick it up if it has dirt in it.  I had reached my capacity by Sunday.

Although I was stoked I finished the raised garden clean up and planted the tomato plant, I was so hurt because my rose bush succumbed to the harsh winds of Saturday night and it was lying on my carport. No way could I save it.  I had no intentions of buying another rose bush, I was hoping the one I currently had would have a long life.  It was not to be.

                                                                      R.I.P. Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose

On Monday, I made a trip to the garden center at Wally World.  I ended up buying two bushes:  a Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Rose and the other one is a peachy gold rose, I need to find the name of it because I only got it because it looked healthy and would make pretty flowers.  UPDATE:  The other rose bush is called a Sundowner Grandiflora Rose and the blooms are orange/salmon or apricot colored.

I also planted all the seeds including the green beans, zinnias, sunflowers and marigolds in the raised garden.  Yeah, that is too much in the small plot, but I didn’t plant many green beans because I was concerned about whether they would make it with our temperatures constantly changing.  It was hot on Sunday and a cool 70 on Monday and it is 67 degrees right now.  Almost all my containers have flower or herb seeds and I am ready.  I think.  I may have overdone it.  We shall see.

I still haven’t planted my peppers on the inside or my rosemary.  I know, I know, but I was tired by the time I finished Monday.  I will get them done before the weeks out.  Hold me accountable!

So the gardening adventures have begun.  I saw one of the stray cats on my carport, but luckily it didn’t get into my garden.  Which reminds me, I am running out of cayenne pepper…and I need some copper tape too, for the snails/slugs.

My gardening efforts

P. S. Why can’t WordPress stop changing things.  It is taking me too long just to add pictures.  Geezus!


2 thoughts on “Gardening Tales 2015 – Part I

  1. Mad, sad face… I agree, why the hell can’t the wordpress IT guys stop messing with wordpress! I liked it the was it was. Before the wizz kids changed wordpress format.
    Happy Gardening

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