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Belated Mother’s Day Randoms…

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy Belated Mother’s Day to those who happen to be mothers and those who have taken on the role of mothering.

I didn’t do much this weekend except run errands and rest.  I didn’t cook, I didn’t clean and I didn’t meet my step goals.  If you ask what I did on Mother’s Day, I will say the bed held me hostage until 3 pm and that is when I got up and started getting ready for work.  Yeah, I think I was partially in my feelings and the other part is this feeling of discontent.  So, I was in a strange state of mind.

My garden is coming along just great.  I will have a new post about it this week with some growth pictures.  The weather here has been pretty warm.  And pretty warm is highs of 92 degrees.  So I am trying to adjust to that needless to say the air conditioner is on.

It is graduation season around these parts.  From college to high school our town is in a celebratory mood.  I know quite a few folks graduating in fact 4 on my 2nd job are about to embark on their college careers.  A couple of my co-workers are walking around like the walking dead because their kids are graduating and the thought of them leaving them is just too much for them to handle.  So there is an excitement in the air and it has me reminiscing about my high school graduation and how much things have changed since 1987.

I am trying really hard to get a couple of my workers promoted to shift leaders as soon as possible.  Why?  So I can take some breaks.  My weekends only mean I can sleep in, but they do not mean having a whole lot of fun and doing the things I necessarily want to do.  I would love to spend some quality time with The Guy and with my family.  Right now, it is difficult because we only have two managers on the 2nd job and hell we are both tired.  And this is my part-time job.  Sighing.

Speaking of the 2nd job, the owner and I had a heated discussion about my cell phone.  No, not me using it, but allowing the workers to call me on my cell phone.  I told him that was a big no-no.  I am a stickler to having boundaries with my workers.  I do not want them to call me about the job when I am not there.  He says my number is on the phone listing.  I reminded him he put it on the list after asking me for it and it is kept in the office not for easy access.  I only want managers calling me, not workers.  When I am not there, I am not thinking about being there and I do not want someone calling me about something I can’t deal with because I am on my full time job, or hell, if I am with my family.  He didn’t see where it should be a problem.  Well, it is to me.  You give them my number and they will be calling me for every little thing and frankly my cell phone is for my convenience not theirs.  Further, when a couple of them had my email address I had to block them because they took that avenue to another level being unprofessional.  The other manager lets them call her on her cell phone.  In fact, she will turn around and come back to the store at night if they leave something.  I don’t.  I was in the grocery store (in the same shopping center of my 2nd job) a few weeks ago and the cook left his cell phone charger and he wanted to know how long I would be shopping so he could get it.  He went home without it.  I was off the clock, he had time to get his charger while waiting on me and he needs to be more responsible.  Hell, I was tired but since I do not have a grocery store in my neighborhood I had to get it while it was good.  Let’s also be clear though if I do not know the number I will not answer the phone and sometimes I google the number before I block it.  Yeah, I do not play about my cell phone.  Boundaries are important for my self-preservation.  When you work two jobs and have other responsibilities each area has a compartment and deconstructing those areas can cause major stress.  And I ain’t here for that.

My sleep this last week has been restless.  I do not like that.  Not sure why, but these allergies are the devil’s idea of fun times.

We had cake for the supervisor of our division last week.  Somehow the conversation got onto this term that is one of Nick Minaj’s songs.  Y’all I finished my cake and left before the supervisor returned to the room.  They were doing too much and I was totally disgusted because I knew what it was, but some of them had no real clue about what it meant.  I had to school one of them later and she was in shock.  SMDH!

Did you know Prince streamed his concert in Baltimore on Tidal?  Yeah, no.

I will see Prince in concert one day.

I finally updated our book club website.  www.imanivoices.com  I had to find a new template that would work and use a WordPress site for an archive of our book reviews and the books we have read over the years.  www.imanivoices.wordpress.com

American Idol will be ending after the 2016 season…I think it has run its course.  I haven’t watched it in years.

I am so curious of about Scandal’s season finale.  After the several episode arcs where Olivia was kidnapped, folks are still harping on it and not in a positive way.  Most folks didn’t like the storyline and felt it was farfetched.  I personally thought it went on for too long but the writing was still good.  I think for me the high anxiety was just too much and I didn’t like the darkness of Olivia’s character during that time.

American Crime got renewed which is surprising because I love it, but the numbers don’t.  It is a well-written show with very thought provoking and conversation generating plots.  I wished more people would watch it because its take on race and crime…believable and truthful.

I want some barbecue ribs.

I read the New York Times expose on the nail shops in New York and how the workers are not even paid a living wage if they are paid at all.  It talked about the culture of the workers as well as the costs they pay to do folks nails.  I do not wear false nails and decided years ago to not patronage the shops with the foreign workers for a number of reasons.  They are not the most customer service friendly which is most likely due to their inability to speak English.  I also observed the hierarchy in the shops and just really didn’t feel comfortable with the vibes.  Plus, the use of drills on your nail beds are harmful and try to get them to do your nails without it, chile they become argumentative and quite angry.  So to read the article on the abuses they are subjected to, the medical issues and the fact most are not legal immigrants makes them suffer in silence was not only eye opening but educational.  As my sister says what is the answer because if folks do not come to them they will have to return to their homeland where things are worse.  I don’t know the answer, but I personally can’t patronize places where people are not compensated accordingly.  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/10/nyregion/at-nail-salons-in-nyc-manicurists-are-underpaid-and-unprotected.html?_r=0

I am going to leave you with the picture that made my day on yesterday…

My niece, Caitlyn surrounded by my 2nd cousins JT (left) and Joshua. To think I used to call them bad azzes…all grown up!


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