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Garden Tales 2015 – Part 2

The garden is going pretty good, not perfect but it is looking good.


Let me start by talking about my roses.  When I choose the rose bushes, I looked them over and tried to choose the best of the bunch.  Unfortunately, I do not think I got the best of the bunch.  My red rose bush (Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Rose) is dying a slow death to me.  I am just trying to make it comfortable before it completely dies.  When I choose it, it had several buds forming along the new growth branches.  All those buds are dry and dead.  Sighing… I try not to over water, but due to the excessive rain these last few days, there is not much I can do.  The Sundowner rose is hanging in there, but it seemed to have suffered a little trauma in the transplanting.  It is slowly adjusting, but whether it makes it remains to be seen.  I love roses and I am just so hurt last year’s was blown over and snapped.  At least I got a few good roses and pictures.

My other plants and herbs are doing what they do.  The cilantro isn’t flourishing for some reason.  I may change its positioning to see if that helps.  I expected more basil than what is growing right now, but I am trying to be patient because seriously it hasn’t been a month since I first planted the seeds.

                  My raised garden…. 5/14/15

That poor sun deprived grape tomato plant is flourishing and getting taller and has started flowering.  And the green beans look good, but since I do not know how they are supposed to look I feel like the green and healthy looking leaves are a good sign.  I just hope I get a good harvest and I can freeze some for the fall and winter.  Now if I could go ahead a re-pot the Peace Lily… Every weekend I say I am going to do it, but just never do.  I had an excuse this weekend due to the rain, but what will be my next excuse?

Top taken on 5/11/15 and bottom taken on 5/14/15 (Growth)

This year I tried my hand at designing a pot of beautiful flowers like you see when you walk into a mall or government building.  Well…I am trying but the flowers are not really cooperating, at least that it how it seems to me.  I was hoping to have gladiolas and violas surrounded by coleus and it was going to be colorful and a feast for the eyes.  I barely have anything growing in that big old clay pot.  But I am not giving up.

                             A little more growth pictures…

Now if someone can explain to me why the cats keeping hanging around my yard…maybe I could breathe easily.  Right now, I don’t trust them. At All!


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