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Creative Cooking…Stromboli


Recently, a few of us from the office went to Midtown Pizza Kitchen for lunch and I had my first Stromboli.  Oh my goodness was it amazing.  All I could think about was recreating it at home.  Let’s face it, I haven’t felt inspired to create a dish in a long time.  Frankly, my taste buds just are bored by my food choices.  So calculating what I would have to do and hitting up Pinterest for recipes, I decided to wing it and make my own Stromboli.

First of all, we had to ask the waitress was the difference was between a calzone and a Stromboli and Stromboli is rolled and calzones are folded.  Alright then…LOL!

Here is my recipe without my pizza dough recipe.  If you have a pizza dough recipe you like, use it and if making pizza dough from scratch isn’t your thing you can buy dough from your local grocer.  At my local Publix, they even sell whole wheat dough as well.  So the dough is up to you.


Pizza dough

Marinara sauce (I use Bertolli Marinara sauce with Burgundy Wine)

Hot Italian sausage (browned)

Bacon (Precooked real bacon bits)



Mozzarella cheese

Cup of cut up onions, red and green bell peppers

Caramelized onions

Roma tomatoes (sliced thinly)

Olive Oil

Garlic butter

Preheat oven to 475 degrees

While my dough was rising (I actually used quick yeast packages), I browned my sausage and then caramelized my onions.  And I drained the excess grease from my sausage.

                                                                  Freshly rolled into a rectangle…

I split my dough in half (you will see I undoubtedly don’t know what half is…smh!) and rolled the first piece into a rectangle.  Not too thin and not too thick.  Then I placed a thin layer of marinara on 2/3rds of the rectangle and on the last 1/3rd I placed the garlic butter.  Then I started layering my ingredients saving enough for the second Stromboli.  A small amount of mozzarella cheese, then browned sausage, caramelized onions, sliced mushrooms, onions, bacon, red and green peppers, pepperoni, Roma tomatoes and the rest of the mozzarella cheese.

Marinara over 2/3rds of the dough

My toppings

Then I started to roll from the short side of the rectangle as tight as I could without puncturing my dough.  Once it was rolled, I placed it on my cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Then I did the second one and there was plenty of room on the sheet for the other Stromboli.  Then I slathered garlic butter over both Stromboli and sprinkled Italian season on the top.  Then with a sharp knife I cut slices for ventilation on them.  I cooked them for about 15 to 20 minutes or until brown and dough is cooked.  Remember your ingredients are already done.

Freshly slathered in garlic butter, sprinkled with Italian seasoning and vented

I let them cool slightly and sliced.

Yes, they look good!

Verdict:  It is my recipe.  I loved it.  You can use whatever ingredients you want.  I knew I wanted my favorite pizza toppings and wanted to add that extra dose of flavoring from the caramelized onions.  I am sure you can use the canned pizza dough, but seriously pizza dough is really easy to make and is worth it in my opinion.  I actually keep a ball or two of dough in my freezer for those moments I want homemade pizza.  I see this in rotation at least twice a year with changing up the ingredients as well.  To think it all came about because I went out to lunch.  I probably should do that more often.  Let me know if you try it!

  Look at the layers


Ready to eat…

P. S. I am going to stop being lazy and use my better camera for food pictures…


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