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I Don’t Have Much to Say Randoms…


I have nothing to talk about.  It has been kinda boring around these parts.

I learned I do not like for the electricity to go out at night.  I don’t like it to go out during the daytime either, but at night, I can’t. My electricity went out on last Thursday at 9:58 pm, right before I got to see the house the folks on HGTV had chosen.  I tried to not let the complete and utter darkness agitate me or put fear in me.  I was the first to call in the outage, because seriously I didn’t realize how damn dark my house is when there is no light.  I tried to just go to sleep, but if you have read my blog for any length of time, I sleep with a television on so it was difficult to fall asleep.  It also didn’t help my alarm system would make the most annoying and loud chirping noise every 60 seconds.  How do I know it was 60 seconds exactly?  I actually counted the time in between.  So trying to sleep with the noise and hell it was getting hot too, was not happening.  I finally lost it at 12:30 am when the time they projected for the lights to come back on and didn’t.  So I call the power company again and they changed the time to 1:50 am.  FML!  I went into full out crying.  (I am like a child when I need sleep. For real.)  Then in the midst of my pity party, I heard the trucks coming down the street from the back entrance to our neighborhood.  This is about 10 minutes to 1.  Really?  They were just getting to the area to fix the problem and about 20 minutes later the lights were back on and my dignity was restored.  I was up flipping off lights and turning on my television to get to sleep.  I was so tired Friday morning.

I had book club on Saturday.  We made a big mistake in the restaurant we chose.  They didn’t want to accommodate us as they had promised and the food wasn’t great.  Good, but overrated.  Plus, although we were in the best place to conduct the meeting on the outside patio, the acoustics were bad.  To the casino next month we will go.

Balboa Sandwich with fries and the saltiest au jus ever!

I grilled on Sunday.  I worked on Sunday night training the new shift leader.  She did really well for her first time closing.  However, Tuesday, I didn’t walk into my house until 11 pm.  I was so through.  Seriously, whether they are ready or not by next week, I am done training.  The other manager went behind my training showing them things the wrong way and that pissed me off.  She could have easily trained them, but to go behind my training actually hurts the trainees because they get confused on what to do and how to do it.  One thing she told them was so blatantly wrong I got angry.  I told them I am teaching you the way the owner wants it done.  And if you do not do it the way he wants it he is going to say something to you, he may never say anything to the other manager because even he gets fed up with showing her the proper way and explaining why and she still does it her way.  Look, I have been doing this over 20 years, longer than the other manager.  I have a method that has proven time and time again to get everyone home at a decent time.  I knew things were bad when it was taking her over 10 minutes to count one cash till down to $100.  Lawd, give me the strength for one more week of training. Please and thank you…

My garden loves all this rain we have been having since Monday.  I haven’t been able to check on things really since Tuesday morning.

On Friday and Saturday, I was so frustrated and angry about a family situation.  You will not have me looking ratchet because you are that way.  Respect the home I lay my head.

My sister and her family were in Atlanta for a graduation.  The Guy was in Daytona Beach for his son’s basketball tournament.  I was here…

I did Baby Foot on Monday.  I have already started peeling.  Geez, so quick this time.

                                                                                      Baby Foot

I need to do a cleanse.  I just don’t know which one I should do.  We shall see.

I go to the eye doctor on Monday.  I always feel sorry for him when I go because he seems to feel so guilty about my detached retina.  I think I need a new prescription because the eyes are doing too much.

I love my Fitbit, I just wished my back and ankle loved it as much as I do.  I must break at least twice a week from a concentrated effort of achieving my 10,000 steps minimum because my back spasms hurt so badly and let’s not talk about how my ankle swells like a caveman.  But I still make my goal the majority of the week.

I had major plans to watch Wayward Pines, but it was on at the same time as the season finale of American Crime so I haven’t even tried…

I watched Criminal Minds all Monday.

OITNB third season is starting real soon and I haven’t gotten pass the 5 episode of the 1st season.  Sighing…I ain’t never gonna catch up.  Funny thing is when the lights were out for a split second, okay a couple of minutes; I thought I could watch at least one episode on my laptop.  I forgot my Wi-Fi can’t work without electricity.  For a moment, I was okay with the darkness then I wasn’t.

Last week I went in to the Dollar General and left there cringing.  The young manager there was the worst kind of manager there can be.  Give them a little power and it goes to their heads.  She berated the cashier who was ringing up my stuff about not answering the phone and she told her, “The customers will understand if you answer the phone, so answer it next time.  Never let it keep ringing.”  Child, what management school did you go to?  First of all, you never berate an employee in front of customers.  Secondly, the rules of customer service are face-to-face interaction comes before phone interaction.  When the cashier finished ringing up my order, I thanked her for her pleasant attitude and told her to have wonderful evening.  Sometimes you need to know you are doing a good job from the folks who really matter.

One of our new workers is so not working out.  He needs to be re-trained.  Right now, he is just too lazy for me.  I hate having to tell someone who has been working three weeks already what they need to be doing.  He still doesn’t know what he really needs to and that is from poor training.  Since this is his first job, I am trying to be patient.  However, if I have to step in to the position you are working, be worried about what that says about your skills.  I will personally work with him to see if that happens.

It is Thursday and there will be very little to watch on television, but I guess I will try to get some rest.

Anyway, I had more to say than I thought…

Book club ready…


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