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Rambling of Randoms…Again

It seems like it has been so long since I have blogged.  I have pictures from the garden to do a Garden Tale post and I just haven’t felt like blogging.  Okay, let me rephrase I have writer’s block.  I didn’t get my book club newsletter out until Tuesday because it took me until Monday to think of an Editor’s note.  So sad, but so true.  So I will ramble for a bit…

I do not care if Beyoncè is a vegan.  I am not and won’t be.  Remember I tried a meatless Monday and failed. Completely.

The incident in McKinney, TX has me all in my feelings and just plain tired.  I am so weary of how as much as folks want to think things have changed, we are always welcomed with another situation to keep us reminded we have a long way to go.

One of the new shift leaders wanted to close the other night.  I politely told her no because I wanted to get home at a respectful time.  Training for the last two weeks has been a bear.  I have trained many shift leaders/managers in the over 20 years I have been on this job and these last two have really questioned my ability to train.  Then I remind myself, I gave them a thorough checklist of their job and I haven’t seen either of them with it since I gave it to them.  You learn from reading, listening and doing.  Shit.

I have a weather app on my phone and it went off the other day announcing flash floods, I almost got into panic mode thinking I would be stuck at my 2nd job overnight…We had rain, but no flooding just a lot of lightning and thunder.  I was so thankful.

I still haven’t finished retightening my hair yet.  Lawd, I need to finish.

Had my eye appointment last week.  The poor doctor will never ever forget me and my detached retina that I diagnosed a month prior to it detaching.  My appointments therefore take much longer.  I have to have strong drops for dilation and they take pictures of my eye every appointment.

I got some new foundation and after wearing it a week I realized that it is too dark.  Back to the drawing board.

I need some sandals, but I am too lazy to go shopping.

My house needs cleaning.

My sister will be heading to NOLA in a couple of days.  Bless her heart.  That is all I can say.  She likes moving.  I ain’t about that life her dad helped to cure that moving fever.  I went to 4 schools in the 7th grade.  No.

Baby Foot worked again.  I think I am going get a regular schedule to do it.  The peeling wasn’t as extensive this time around, it peeled but it was quite manageable.  Still took 2 weeks from start to finish.

The devil is a lie.

I have one friend on Fitbit and she is beating me terribly.  Well not every week, but dang most of them.  If I could get up at the crack of dawn and walk and still keep my lunch time walk in place maybe I could beat her regularly, but seriously I ain’t getting up that early, my body would be mad. LOL!  However, my competitive spirit is saying, “Gurl, we got to beat her.  We must beat her.”  So sad, so true.

Tomorrow is Friday, y’all!


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