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Garden Tales – Part 3

 2015 Left and 2014 Right

My garden is coming along.  With a week or so of rain, I found myself having little to do but check on things and feed when it was dry.  Here are a few observations:

  • Birds hang around my raised garden quite a bit.  See the eggs from this year and last year.  I guess this will be a common occurrence.
  • Something is enjoying the leaves of my sunflowers.  I will have sunflowers with no leaves on their stems if I do not figure out how to beat the bugs.
  • My green beans are growing, but I may have a problem harvesting them because I can’t see them all.  Also, when I pick the green beans will that be all?  Hell, I do not know.

They are a little bigger right now.

  • I do not think I am going to have a high yield of grape tomatoes.  My plant isn’t really full, just tall.
  • I am going to give up on growing rosemary.  I planted those seeds well over a month ago and not on sprout of anything.  This will be my third time trying.  Done.
  • In my pot that looks like a half barrel, I thought the lush greenery was my Coleus, guess what?  I am dead wrong.  The coleus that I planted last year never really grew, what I have is a big ass pot of Dahlias.  Yeah, they are some aggressive flowers.  I planted some Nasturtiums in there as well this year and the poor things are being crowded out by the Dahlias.  Shoot.
  • My geraniums on one side are bigger and fuller than the ones on the opposite planter.  Significantly.

See what I mean?

  • The coleus I planted this year is coming along, but my big plan for a designed flower pot is dashed.  I planted two packs of coleus and I can count the plants, on one hand.  The lavender and gladiolas I planted only one is growing and I don’t know if it is the lavender or gladiolas.
  • My red rose bush is dead.  I want my money back.
  • I must know get up early every morning and water or by the time I get home my plants look sick.
  • Oh, my peppers are doing fine in the window inside the house.  I have a few more weeks before I start putting them outside though.

Having the distraction of my garden is so good for my soul.  And whether I have a banner year or not, getting the calmness it provides and peace it gives is truly priceless.



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