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No Sleeep Randoms…

Sunflowers and a Zinnia

I have been away for well over a week from this blog.  I did blog on my anonymous one last week and it has been months since I blogged over there.  However, with so much going on in the last two weeks I needed a place to rant and vent and just feel the emotions soaring through me the last few weeks.  I found myself feeling so empathetic I became overwhelmed with feelings that ran the rampant of good and evil.  I needed to find my happy place.

Thank goodness for my garden.  I even had a nice little harvest.  Let me tell you, fresh green beans from your garden are the best.  Ask my coworker who ate hers cold.  I ate mine hot.  LOL!  There are only a few cold foods I will indulge in and greens beans aren’t on that list.

6/21/15 Harvest

My sister is in NOLA, well in one of the outlying parishes.  She is way out in the boondocks, with very little for entertainment is where she is calling home.  I am side-eyeing the middle of nowhere.  LOL!

Janet.  No Sleeep.  No other words are needed.  This Stan is in hog heaven.  I got home from work last night just in time to see her accept her award.  I screamed with tears…true Stan behavior.

We had book club meeting at the casino some of us went just for the crab legs and shrimp.  We had a good time.  However, don’t ever let my book club members get too hungry.

Me on 6/27/15

A couple of my members had been on vacations to Dominican Republic, Bahamas and some of the wineries in Alabama, we have 6 you know.  I need a vacation.  I got a cruise to Turks and Caicos in November, but I need to relax now!

I am off Friday through Sunday.  I have no real big plans except to do what I want.  I do not even plan to cook.

Well one of the escaped inmates is dead and one is captured in stable condition. And?

Alabama took down there Confederate flags…sighing they had a rally in protest this past weekend.

Bree Newsome took the flag down from the South Carolina state capital and got arrested and the flag was bag waving in the wind about 30 minutes after it had been removed.

I love my President.  I do.  He got in his feelings when he started singing Amazing Grace and he had me in my feelings too.

The President won last week.  The Affordable Health Care plan was upheld, again.  Folks are free to love and marry who they want, so same sex couples have the same rights as all humans.  If you come to my state, you may find it hard to get married whether gay or straight.  Sighing…

Someone come clean my house.  I just needed to dust, vacuum and clean the kitchen.  Please?…

Looks like someone maybe moving into the empty house next door.  They cleaned out the inside and I kid you not, there were 5 televisions on the curb.  I am just hoping whoever moves in is normal and not ratchet.

Reading comments on issues concerning race, gender, sexual preference and religion will make you think there is no humanity left in this world.  And this explains my quiet over the last week or so.

Before I go off on a tangent or become consume by the anger that is simmering within me.  I am going to go work out and work in my garden for peace and strength.

Have a great week.  I hope to be back with a gardening post, a creative cooking post and maybe a Janet Jackson post.


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