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Garden Tales – Part 4


I am so behind on my Garden Tales.  Seriously, now I don’t know where to begin.  Then I decided I would just post pictures, because based on what you see it is obvious my gardening is going well.  No need for a long dialogue about it.  Only thing about posting just pictures WordPress makes it so difficult to post pictures, which is so irritating to me.  Sighing…enough of my whining…

As of 7/13/15

Container flowers and herbs at their best. FYI, my cilantro didn’t last long and my green onions are not in abundance…

This was taken 2 weeks ago…

Coleus as of 7/13/15…Really in two weeks this planter has filled out nicely. I didn’t even think it would make it, but it did.

African Daisy…probably will not grow these again. Remind me of weeds…LOL!

Orange Zinnia


Another Dahlia this is a unique colored one…

                                                                      Not the best picture of my sunflower, but I love the picture.

Better lighting…

Hodge podge of plants and flowers. Yes, that is my Sundowner rose.

Here is my Hibiscus Syriacus (Hardy Hibiscus aka Rose of Sharon). Didn’t realize what this was, but it has been here longer than I have lived here and it comes back every year. Thanks to Town and Country Gardening I have a name for it.

I have had a good harvest of green beans and of course grape tomatoes.  Basil is still my easiest and most successful herb I have ever grown.  I gave up on the Rosemary, I just can’t grow it.  I tried though.  I should be moving my peppers outside in the next week or so.  So that is all for Garden Tales…


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