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The Gates of Hell Are Now Open…

Do you see the sweat? I had just come back inside after watering my plants one evening. This heat is no joke!

I do not know about where you live, but the heat here in the south is oppressive. The bowels of Hell have opened up and we are getting a glimpse of what the afterlife will be like if we don’t get the ‘act right’ in time. Seriously, the heat is sucking the life out of me. My co-worker on my 2nd job says when she goes to the bank in the mornings, the tellers ask her if her air is working in her car and she says yes it is working, but between the car and the building the heat does this! She ain’t lying.

We hope for rain, just rain. However, sometimes not being real specific means we get thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds. Yeah. Sunday, I was praying for rain for a couple of reasons. One, so I wouldn’t have to water my plants before I went to my second job, the heat man. And, so it could cool things down because my fear temps reaching 100 degrees was real do you know what the heat index would be? Nah, player I ain’t about that life.

The heat makes you do things out of order. I cooked my dinner and lunch for the week Saturday night when I got home from work. Sure did. I refused to get the kitchen hot on Sunday morning. Best idea I have had in a minute. Literally, my house was so comforting on Sunday without me turning on the stove and oven.

My room is the coldest room in the summer and the hottest in the winter. I get really chilly so at night I turn the temperature up on the air conditioner so it doesn’t turn on because the residual coldness lasts until the next morning. Well, the last two days have been a bust. I have awakened at 2 and 3 in the morning to turn that baby back down. Waking up sweating is not the business. When the night doesn’t get down to the 70s, this is what happens.

I feel like such a fraud because I complained about the extreme cold and now I am complaining about the hot of the summer. But, seriously I am a spring and fall girl I like the weather to be comfortable. Not too hot or too cold. Mother Nature is so angry at us right now because she is a woman scorned.

When it is hot like this one is not so inclined to do anything that may make them sweat or get hot. The heat does suck the life out of you. I need to wash and retighten my hair and every day so far that I planned to do it has been scrapped because I am tired. And my hair shows it. I have book club meeting Saturday and guess who is not finished with the book? Me. I read in the bath, but after a few minutes in the hot water I just can’t do anything but hurry out of the tub. This heat is that serious. I love my long, hot baths, but right now…I just can’t. I really need those who have pissed Mother Nature off, to beg for her forgiveness. No really, do it for vine hell just do it so the summer isn’t a complete bust.

Caveat: Sorry I haven’t been posting, but I haven’t been doing anything of substance lately. And writer’s block is real. I have to write when the muse makes herself known and lately she has been dormant.


2 thoughts on “The Gates of Hell Are Now Open…

  1. We’re in the middle of a heatwave too & girl I’m with you! Not about that life either. Love me some fall & spring, even with my crazy allergies!

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