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This Is Why I Haven’t Been Blogging…

Sunflowers keep me smiling, even through storms!

Don’t you hate when you miss blogging for a week or more? I do because that means either I have nothing but boring stuff to talk about or life is handing me my azz and I can’t get it together to put words and sentences together.   Well, my azz has been handed to me and it just ain’t making my muse come together for posts.

Last Tuesday, I noticed my air conditioner fan breaker had tripped that morning. And for some reason it took a while for me to get the breaker to stay on, but it did. I had called my cousin to have his electrician come and check the breaker. I took my happy self to work and then return home at lunch to clean up a bit and I noticed the fan had tripped again. Geez, but it came right back on and the air was working fine before I went back to work. I get home that afternoon to get ready for the second job and I checked the fan before I went into the house and it was working but then when I got on my front porch I felt heat coming from my front door. When I opened my door, the heat slapped me right back outside. It was oppressive. I ran in and turned the air condition off and got on the phone to call a repair service. Then I called the second job to get another assistant manager to take my shift. Work had to wait, because I can’t be in my house with no air conditioner, I was having flashbacks to 2010 when we had no air for the majority of the summer.

The technician who came out was friendly and knowledgeable. The whole time I am praying it isn’t too serious. Well…my compressor was gone and he said he wouldn’t put a new compressor in a 27 year old air conditioner. He apologized for giving me such a bad report. I just looked at him a bit shell shocked. Then I called my cousin and she gave me a referral for the folks who replaced her air conditioner a few years ago. I am lucky because I have two window air units from 2010 (well the one in the den has always been there in some type model) so I was able to cool the house off as best I could. And with the aid of some fans the house was comfortable. It was comfortable if you didn’t cook or do too much.

I ended up getting a new air conditioner and getting it financed because who has thousands of dollars on hand to replace air conditioners, at least I didn’t. I had to get my duct work redone because it was so old and made out of fiberglass, which isn’t good for breathing in or for the air condition units of this era. I also had them put new insulation in as well because hell, we only had 3 inches in the attic and some areas were bare. Yeah, I saw the pictures.

So last Friday, I took a day off from the job as they did the air conditioner replace and all the other work they did. They arrived at my home at 9 am on the dot and were done by 3:30 pm. I was surprised they were able to finished in such a tight time frame but it was about 6 guys working together to get things done. It was cool watching them get the items up in the attic and take stuff down. And if you could feel the heat coming from the attic on one our hottest days, you must have some compassion for folks who do this type work.

So I have new air conditioner that has the majority of the house feeling amazing, which it really hasn’t done so in years. The unit is a hybrid (heat pump/gas) with great efficiency, and I should see a significant decline in my utility bills. I also have a hole in my ceiling to go along with the new ac. Yeah, adding to my stress one of the guys stepped through my ceiling. Let me just say, when they showed it to me they had to tell me to breath, because I was about to lose it completely. They will be fixing it in the next week or so. Right now it is covered.

I knew my air conditioner was going to go out. I did. It should have been replaced in 2010, but Sears didn’t want to replace it so they fixed it. I wasn’t surprised but I really wasn’t trying to get a new ac, I was trying to get a new car this year. I had gotten my credit score up and had saved up for the down payment and now that has to be pushed back. And that is why I am stressed. Yes, family is helping pay the bill for the ac, but now I have to wait on a new car and Lord knows I need a new one. However, right now I realize this all happened for a reason and God will bless me with a car soon enough and I just have to be patient. I also know God loves me because the temperatures were mild during the nights and I was more comfortable without the ac than I was when the ac was working. Yep, he loves this girly!

And this is why I haven’t been writing…

The first 24 hours with A/C…


3 thoughts on “This Is Why I Haven’t Been Blogging…

  1. Chile. The AC drama around here has been maddening this summer. First our pump went out and was spewing water everywhere for at least a day before we realized what was going on. Got that fixed and $700 later realized we had a freon leak another $500, which we just patched with the understanding that we will have to replace the hose next summer. We are cool for now, we’ll figure out the rest later!

  2. Hello! Will you please share with me your consultant’s information (Montgomery, AL)?

    If you are willing, I would love to ask some questions regarding your Sisterlocks experience.

    Please and thank you!

    Bea (quiltinb@gmail.com)

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