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I Am Back…I Think Randoms!

According to my WordPress stats it has been 20 days since I posted.  There have been a couple of times I thought I was going to post, but something else would take precedence.  Although I haven’t been posting, life has still been going on for me.  Whether it is good or bad. Sighing…

The truth of the matter is when my life is in chaos I just can’t write and I tend to retreat into self in hopes of finding the answer to solving this maze I have been in so I can get out of it.  So…let me catch you up.

Book club has been going wonderfully.  I have managed to make it to the meetings, but what was not normal is I am not finishing the books weeks in advance.  More like on Thursdays before the meeting on Saturday.  Yeah, not a good look.  However, my best reading is in the bath, but I have had so much going on my bath time has been shortened and therefore it is taking me longer than usual to finish a book.  Not because they aren’t good, but because of time and life.  And yes, I am still not finished with this month’s book.  I will be by Thursday.  Sighing…  A bit of a funny, one of my former members sent me an email saying she missed reading and the members.  It is funny because she rarely finished a book, if she even attempted to read it and last year before I just removed her from membership, she only attended 2 meetings…yeah.  I still haven’t responded.

My family had their family reunion and I got to see Carson.  I didn’t attend because I was working. And it really isn’t my family.  I got to see some folks and hang out for a while, which I normally do not do on Saturday after work.

Carson and his Dad.

You remember me saying the air conditioner was really supposed to be my new car?  Well, my car is sitting in my drive way, undriveable.  Yeah, I was coming home from work and it was driving crazy one night.  The next morning I tried to see what the problem was and my alternator light came on.  Mind you I put a new alternator on it in 2012, ugh.  However, I took it to a new shop and I told them the main issue was the check engine light was flashing and it has never done that and it seems to be dragging before it shifts into gear.  They promise to give it a thorough work over.  Oh, I had them tow the car because of the alternator light.  If I had taken it to my normal repair shop, I would have driven it there, but this place is a bit further and you really shouldn’t drive your car when the alternator it going out because it will kill your battery and stop everything.  Keep that in mind.  I was home when they came to pick the car up and not only did they not tow it, they drove it.  Red flag.  A couple hours later they called me to tell me what the problem was and the costs and I reminded them to deal with the check engine light because that is the main problem.  Red flag. They promised to do so.  I get a call a while later asking if I had the alarm fob, because they couldn’t get the alarm off.  So I had my girlfriend drop me off at the shop since the car was supposedly finished.  I get my car and it is shaking initially then it stopped and halfway home the damn check engine life started flashing.  I just drove the car home and said fuck it.  I did.  I was out of $310 and my car still wasn’t fixed and it reminded me to follow my mind.  My repair shop would never have let me drive my car home if they hadn’t done a computer check and driven it to make sure it was good to go, nor would they have driven it when the alternator was bad.  Now my car is sitting in my driveway because the battery is dead.  FML!  I am thankful and blessed my cousin who has three cars is allowing me to drive her car until I can get this credit score up to get a new car.

My garden is done for the most part.  I still haven’t put my pepper plants outside.  The raised garden is done.  I didn’t have a great season of tomatoes this year at all.  My flowers were glorious while they lasted.  My coleus are were gorgeous.  My geraniums on one side looks good the other side looks horrible.  We had such a hot summer my plants suffered.  I need to take the time to clean everything away, but lately that just hasn’t been a priority.

My Coleus…broken and bent. It rained on Monday and when I went to get a picture, this is what greeted me…They were taller than me and gorgeous…sighing…

Thanks to the folks who keep coming to this blog looking for info regarding Sisterlocks.  However, you will not find much on this blog, you must go to my blog on blogspot.  Seriously, I rarely talk about my Sisterlocks.  Right now, I am only 1/3rd of the way done with my retightening.  Why?  Because I haven’t felt like messing with all this damn hair.  I need a haircut, badly.

I am still going to see Janet, I guess.  I am not excited for a multitude of reasons including this covered from head to toe shit.  Yes, I really am not feeling it.  I get it, but it very disappointing.

The kids on my second job are on some days the bane of my existence or the best way to get me out of my feelings about life.

I have done a few Fitbit challenges lately.  Y’all I am too competitive.  I will come home from work and put in another couple thousand steps in order to win.  I came in 2nd in the first challenge, and 4th in the last one I did.  New week and I am in a new challenge.  By Saturday I will barely be able to walk and my ankles will be weak as hell.  (Update:  I won last weeks challenge.  I thought I lost by 59 steps, but because my Fitbit won’t sync like it should I actually won by several hundred steps.)

I need to lose weight.  It ain’t because I am eating, but because I ain’t eating.  Food isn’t really good to me right now.

Oh, I had a birthday on September 10th, I turned 46.  I didn’t take a picture on that day at all.  I turned off the notifications on my phone.  And I tolerated the phones calls wishing me happy birthday.  I really only looked forward to the ones from my nieces.  Hunny Bunny did a really sweet song this year.  Lala regifted the picture she gave to her mother to me.  Yeah.  She is like that.  I did nothing for my birthday.  I did get me a couple of cupcakes, but that is it.  I was thankful to see another year and with each year I recognize how blessed I am because I have outlived my mother.

The hole in my ceiling was fixed.  The guy did it by himself and he did a great job.  He actually made it better than it was before by removing the unused vent which was really not needed many years ago.  He had the best personality and was a godly man.  I spent about 15 minutes after he finished talking about his family.  Mind you I didn’t know him from Sam, but I was in my den sleep while he was working.  I had to have trusted him.

My fixed ceiling…Um, this was a vent and a nice hole a few weeks ago.

BTW, I started this blog on Monday. Seriously, I ain’t shyte right now. To be honest, I had a brief to finish on Tuesday and I have so many files on my desk of cases to close I just can’t see the light right now. I clear out a bunch and more come. So my days seem really short because I am busy all day.

Did you catch Empire Wednesday? I laughed out loud at times and sometimes I was like stop it! Pookie, I mean Chris Rock was not believable as a kingpin. I am sorry I kept seeing Pookie. All the cameos are too much, make them relevant not abundant. Some parts made me uncomfortable for instance, Cookie in a Gorilla suit, I didn’t like that. Jamal was doing too much all over the ex-boyfriend to crying like a baby at the end. Smh. Let’s hope things settle down next week. Oh, Boo Boo Kitty twerking in a sweater dress, LOL!

Scandal is back. Yes, yes. Can I tell you something? Olivia gets on my nerves. You can’t have everything your way, the country is bigger than you. And she needs to fix Huck. Hell! However, it was a good episode and I was so excited to see Jake, but what are the chances of me seeing Papa Pope?

HTGAWM child, that show does the most. And if you do not pay attention you are going to miss a key detail. I ain’t gonna lie; I was a bit taken aback with Annalise’s relationship with her friend from law school. Maybe I was still smarting from Empire, but it seems as if there is something en-vogue about how these storylines are being presented. I was caught off guard. Anyway, the last few minutes insured my ass will be front and center next week to see it.

Oh and the person known as The Guy is known now as The End…meaning done. Finished. The End.

I have a full weekend ahead with book club and cleaning to look forward to. I hope enjoy every moment of you weekend…I will be back next week!

Just because my life is a mess, doesn’t mean I didn’t take selfies…LOL! Vanity never loses.


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