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I Am Trying to Do Better

Me and my LAX

Have you ever purchased a lipstick and it is like fire?  OMG!  I purchased LAX by Colour Pop and it is now my new favorite color especially for the fall…I was feeling myself at book club meeting.  Then I wasn’t, because um, I put in a new pair of dailies contact lens and I had a major allergic reaction.  Yes, my eyes were fire red, filled with sticky eye stuff and I was just glad they weren’t itching.  I had to hurry up and take them contacts out once I got home.  But I suffered until the next day.  I guess I am going to have to soak them in my multipurpose solution 24 hours in advance, because obviously I am allergic to the solution they soak them in.  I have worn a pair from this batch with no problems, but Saturday was a hot mess.  Lesson learned.  But this mini post is about my lipstick…Chile, I need some more.  Oh, this is from their Ultra Matte Lip collection.


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