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My Weekly TV…A Few Spoilers

I have a Creative Cooking post and a two-part post of my New Orleans/Janet Jackson experience and as soon as I can upload the pictures we will be back at full speed. So I haven’t abandoned the blog, but I have been so busy at work and when I get home I have very little time between getting ready for work and getting to bed at a decent time. Another reason is my television shows are back.

I am so sick of folks whining about how this show isn’t good anymore and yada yada. Stop watching. No seriously, sometimes folks find themselves falling out of like of shows because of their own personal issues and situations they may be dealing with. Does that mean the show is crap? No it means you don’t like seeing the truth in live and in living color, so stop watching it and whining about it on FB. Stop comparing Empire and Power. I have never seen Power, because it comes on Starz or whatever the damn channel. I don’t have the channel and frankly I wouldn’t watch it because of the violence and I really do not care for that type of drama. I watch Empire because it is a soap opera. Soap opera folks, plain and simple it is like comparing apples to oranges. They are different. Scandal has some top notch writers, but even they can get fatigued. These are not real people folks; they are characters I don’t have to like the characters if the show is giving me a good storyline. Yes, Olivia gets on my damn nerves, but I am here for the tension and the inside workings of D. C. Okay, HTGAWM did too much in the season premiere. I will say I felt some kinda way about it. The storyline wasn’t necessary and I am not sure how it benefits Annalise. But I keep watching because I want to know what happens. American Horror Story: Hotel – Shit! The season premiere had me unable to go to sleep for hours.

My shows come on Wednesday and Thursday. I have to sacrifice watching Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds and catch them on reruns. I did see the first episode of L&O: SVU and I was in tears it was a really good episode. Too back I do not have a DVR, but I am cheap and I refuse to be a bitch for cable. Anyway, these two days means nothing really gets done in my house because everything stops at 8 pm. Everything. I literally when I get off work run home and get things ready for work the next day, eat, bath and I am sitting pretty in my bed ready for the drama, horror or laughs.

On Wednesday, I watch Empire. I will say the first two episodes weren’t the greatest. I mean the 2nd episode was a remake of Hustle and Flow and I love that movie. However, last week the show got back to business and I truly enjoyed the episode. Yes, I laugh watching it and I am sure I am scaring the would be thieves as they walk the neighborhood, because I am loud. After Empire, it is American Horror Story: Hotel. It premiered last week and I remembered texting my sister and telling her do not let my nieces see the show, it was too much. You know the stuff nightmares are made of. But it seems I was too late, they saw the beginning and Lala screamed during the scene with the weird creature and the bed. The show is filled with lots of gore and sexuality and amazingly intriguing. I do not know what the hell Lady Gaga’s character is, but I will be tuning in tonight to figure it out. When they were showing upcoming scenes I swear they showed the damn clown and I was like Hell No! I can’t with that thing. I ain’t going to lie I wish I had a DVR so I could watch this during the daytime, but since I don’t…

On Thursday, I watch Scandal and HTGAWM. Scandal gave me life at the end of the episode when I saw Papa Pope. I missed him. Poor Cyrus and does anyone know where his adopted daughter may be? I am just saying… Mellie is going to be hell this season and I am here for it. One last thing, Olivia should have attempted to fix Huck. As my sister says she sleeps better knowing Huck is in a good place compared to when he is out running the streets killing and filleting folks for game.

HTGAWM is so fast-paced. You can’t miss one thing or you will get lost. They are still flashing back and forward, which can be a bit much but the styling works for this show. Annalise’s character is so dark and pained you can’t help but to keep watching in hopes of discovering why she is so complexed.

Are you happy for the fall television season? I know I was and even though The End and I do not have our dialogued through Scandal anymore, I am good with it just being me and my sister texting back and forth. What are your favorite fall shows?


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