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It Is Okay To Be Last For a Good Cause Randoms…

My Swag Bag from the Inaugural Betty Hall Breast Cancer Walk

Yeah, I am late with these, but I have been truly busy at work and you know I am not turning on my computer when I get home.  It just isn’t happening.

So, I finally finished the several parts of my Janet Jackson/NOLA experience.  I just have to add the pictures please pat me on the back because I uploaded the pictures two days ago.  Go me!

Ain’t nobody blogging.  Okay, some folks are and I appreciate having something to read during my lunch breaks. I really want to comment but my computer at work says no.  It will not let me.

I am in the midst of preparing for the Girlfriend’s Getaway Cruise in few weeks or so.  I haven’t been on a cruise since 2010 and I forgot all the things you must do and be prepared for.  Since we are leaving out of Miami, I will be able to cross Miami off my bucket list places to visit.

We got flights out of New Orleans for $76 each way.  Yes, we did.  Otherwise we were going to be pay way more than that to fly out of Georgia and forget about flying out of Alabama because we would have to go to Birmingham and make a connecting.  We have a straight flight, yes.

I finally got a new phone.  Yes, I bit the bullet and got a new phone.  I am still riding with my Samsung 3.  Yes, still.  I haven’t done the stuff needed to get my new phone ready yet because I do not have a case for it.  Seriously, the way these phones are designed now you better not use that sucker without a case.  You know I really wanted the Edge, but when I realized the case didn’t protect the edge of the phone, I had to just say no.  So as I wait patiently for my Otterbox just know I finally got a new phone.  I made them allow me to put down a substantial down payment so my monthly increase would not make my monthly bill over a $100.  Yes, I am so serious.  They want you to pay the extra after the first bill, damn lie.  Seriously, I have been with T-Mo for over 15 years.  And they knew I needed a new phone because they kept sending me surveys.  My answers still ain’t going to change.  I was getting sad about all the messages and things on my phone I would lose until I looked at everything in my new phone’s box and there was an ad for an app that transfers your stuff from the old phone to the new one.  Yes!  Let’s just hope this works.  Oh, I just upgraded to the Samsung S6.

I finally went outside to look at my rose bush.  Shit.  It has black spot now.  I have to get out there this weekend and doctor on it.  I should have sprayed the stuff I use for it.  Now, I have to cut it back, feed, spray and but some mulch down for the winter.  I still haven’t taken down my garden stuff yet and my pepper plants are still in the window in the den, like bees are going to come into my house and pollinate them.  Don’t judge me.  When I get home, going outside isn’t on my list.  Further, I am just lazy.  Truth.

Who wants to help me wash my hair this weekend?  The End made sure he never had to do that task.  Anyone?…

I enjoyed Empire and AHS on Wednesday, was glad to see Angela Bassett because I was just waiting on her debut.  Omg, Scandal was so good Thursday.  The vulnerability of Olivia in the interview and the scene with Cyrus and Fitz was amazing.  HTGAWM is still keeping me captivated because we are learning so much about these characters.

I am doing another Fitbit challenge this week.  And guess who had their 10,000 steps by 1 pm?  Yep, me.  I got it in during lunch and that is why my hair is still wet right now.

I need to get my mind right because a new a car in on my agenda for Dec or Jan.  Pray for me.

I just got a Jamaica phone scam call on my cell phone.  GTFOHWTBS!  She almost had my name right and that shit scared me.  As a victim of ID theft, I ain’t about that life.  Needless to say, it wasn’t nice experience for her to try and scam me.  Dumbasses.  Think about the number of elderly folks they have scammed.  When she stated I won something from Publisher’s Clearing House, I literally started laughing before I ripped her a new one.  I ain’t the one.

On last Saturday, I with a few of my book club members took part in the Inaugural Carver High School Betty Hall Breast Cancer Walk/Run.  The principal’s mother, Ms. Hall, lost her fight with cancer and this was something he could do for the cause.  About six of my members participated.  If I knew what I know now, I would not have walked.  I walk over 10,000 steps every day, no problem.  However, I never got an understanding on the route.  I thought we were going behind the school in the neighborhood, but no, we went in front of the school walking towards the biggest hills of my childhood.  My uncle used to own a grocery store on the corner of Oak and Mill Street, and there was a hill behind the store, that even I as a child wouldn’t walk.  As an adult, that damn hill almost took me out!  All I kept thinking was please Lord, I do not want the ambulance to come and get me because it will be all over the news and that will be embarrassing.  How I made it up that hill and not stop and give up is a testament to my faith.  I was praying.  Mind you my friends were ahead of me because I maintained a steady pace that was comfortable for me.  Also, did I mention I was dehydrated?  Oh, yes I wasn’t feeling well before the walk that morning, but I was determined to finish, but I failed to drink water before starting the walk.  After the hill, which really was only the one mile mark, FML, I was in dire need of water.  I could barely swallow and although it was a cold morning and I had on a hoodie and had just climbed this humongous hill, I wasn’t sweating at all.  It was bad folks.  When I finally saw the table for water I was thankful.  They offered me two little mouthwash cups of water and I looked and them sweet little teenagers and said, “Can I get the bottle? I am dehydrated and I do not want to get sick out here.”  Yes, it was that bad.  However, once I got the water in me I was feeling much better and at least able to finish the walk.  Several times the golf cart folks asked if I wanted to finish or get picked up, but I persevered.  I was going to finish and although there were only four folks behind me, I was determined to finish and was glad I wasn’t the last one.  However, I realized sometimes the power above has a sense of humor.  During the last half mile I realized the four folks behind me weren’t behind me.  I was it, the last one, with the #1 on my race bib.  Shit.  As I contemplated my predicament, I just said suck it up to myself and finish.  I finished for the folks who didn’t survive breast cancer and to those who did.  Even being dead damn last, didn’t minimize my accomplishment because unlike the folks who quit, I didn’t and while the police made a big deal about crossing me across the street, and the cheerleaders chanting “you can do it number 1” and the guy with the bullhorn calling me in I wasn’t embarrassed.  I wasn’t sad.  I was accomplished.  I finished.  With the obstacles I faced, nothing compares to finishing the race for those who couldn’t.

Um, but I will not be walking that route again.  As I was walking I kept thinking about my family members who had passed and when I walked by the funeral home that handled my mom and uncle, I was just feeling emotional.  Too many memories man.

Anyway, this weekend is book club.  And I am still waiting on someone to help wash the hair…


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