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My New Orleans and Unbreakable Adventure Part I

I booked my tripped to New Orleans on the Megabus back in July, basically right after I purchased my presale tickets for the Unbreakable Tour.  So the weeks leading up to the trip I was going through it.  I was wrapped in chaos with the a/c, my car and other personal issues.  However, I was determined to make sure I enjoyed few days of fun, relaxation and fun!  I did say fun, right?

Per my usual, I had to clean my house before I left, but because I am so lazy I also had to finish retightening my hair, which threw my schedule the hell off.  Basically, my house was clean but not perfectly clean like I prefer to return home to.  I actually started packing on Monday, September 28, 2015 as soon as I got home.  So I was washing and packing.  I went to pack my brand new Levi’s, when I noticed the security tag.  FML!  I was already tired and I just wanted to finish packing, but at this point I had to go back to the mall and get the tag removed.  In the rain.  At 8 p.m.  Ugh!  So off to the mall I went and to think I wasted time to drive all the way to the mall for the girl to never end her cell phone conversation to remove the tag in less than a minute.  So I left the mall and decided since I hadn’t eaten and I surely didn’t feel like cooking anything I got me something to eat.  Remember this part.

Yes, how did the cashier miss the damn tag?

I finished packing and folding and putting up clothes and finally sat down to eat.  Then it was time to get a bath, get ready for work the next day and get to bed.  Around 3 am, I woke up sick.  Literally, I was in the bathroom sick for the next 3 or 4 hours.  I called in to my job to say I was going to be late, but an hour later I knew I wasn’t going to make it because the bathroom was my best friend, I had a headache because I was so dehydrated and was just plain exhausted.  I ended up calling out for the day and resting.  I did have to go get some medicine and hit the bank, but best believe I was back home in my bed.  It wasn’t the food that made me sick; it was waiting too long to eat and then only eating a small amount of food.

My Megabus was scheduled to leave at 12:30 am, so me being the early one I got there at 11:45 pm.  There were only two people waiting when I got there.  There was this nice gentleman who was headed back to Mobile and he was just hoping the bus would be on time.  Guess what?  It was on time.  Something I wish folks had told me was the upper seat stairs was narrow.  Geez!  When I got to my seat, there was a guy there in the seats behind me who stated, “Someone is sitting there.”  I politely responded, “I paid extra for this seat and I am sitting here.”  He didn’t say anything else.  One, don’t bully me.  Two, I am not scared of any man.  I settled into my seat and put my earphones in my ear, with no music playing, but using them as a deterrent from others wanted to talk or whatever.  Which I didn’t have to worry about because folks were sleeping, there was even a baby across from me who didn’t cry.  We had our first stop outside Greenville I think at this gas station/Arby’s/Truck stop.  I decided to get off the bus and use the restroom so I could sleep peacefully when we started back up.  The break was 30 minutes so you had time to buy things, use things and eat things.  Most folks got off the bus to warm up, because baby it is cold on those things.  I knew this from the beginning and was well prepared.

I finally dosed off on the way to Mobile.  Which was our next stop and obviously the guy behind me stop, because he got on his cell phone talking loud as we approached the drop off point.   The next stop would be New Orleans, so baby that was the best almost 2 hours of sleep.  I woke up when I thought I heard someone’s phone beeping like there was a phone call.  Lawd, it was me!  My sister was calling and I was so out of it.  It was 6:15 am, which was our drop off time, but we were just getting into New Orleans.  And the traffic at that time was a mess.  So we didn’t get to the terminal until 6:45 am.  I hurried up and got off the bus, because my adventure was just beginning.


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