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My New Orleans and Unbreakable Adventure Part II

My sister was waiting out front and I was so glad, because if I had to wait on someone I would have been a crying, snotty mess.  Shoot, I was tired and I knew this was going to be a challenging day because I hadn’t gotten much sleep or rest especially after a day of sickness.

Y’all Lala was glad to see me.  Excited I tell you.  We then headed back to my sister’s neck of the woods which is 45 minutes outside of New Orleans on the Navy base.  Let me tell you, I will not be living in New Orleans because too much driving to get anywhere.  And hell, too many damn bridges.  After dropping Lala off at preschool we headed to her house to relax because we had 11:30 am brunch reservation at the Court of Two Sisters.  I was so excited to finally go to the Court of Two Sisters and had been since my sister suggested it a week or so before.  So we headed back to New Orleans to make our reservation.  We were able to eat in the outside courtyard.  The brunch consisted of New Orleans’ staples like shrimp etouffee and jambalaya.  I tried ceviche, boiled shrimp, and prime rib as well their apple cobbler.  We got there at a great time because they change the brunch buffet to more of a lunch menu.  I sipped on a Peach Bellini and ate some pretty decent food.  One of the workers recommended their stuffed catfish, which I tried, but y’all…I am from Alabama and I prefer my catfish fried, not stuffed.  It didn’t taste bad, but the flavor profile was different and unfortunately I could only stomach two bites because I just wasn’t feeling it. 

Court of Two Sisters

Overall, I enjoyed the Court of Two Sisters the food was pretty tasty, but know if you go it is expensive and if you aren’t a fan of New Orleans cuisine, skip it.  The atmosphere was pretty nice except…the birds y’all flying over the tables was too much, honestly after ducking a few times I really wanted to be moved to the inside of the establishment.  Another thing there was a stray cat in the courtyard.  I know some of you all love your cats, but I don’t like cats.  This cat was darting between tables, hunting birds and goodness knows what the hell else.  Very unsettling.  This was my birthday present from my sister and I am most appreciative.

Fountain at the Court of Two Sisters

Where the birds kept flying to during our brunch…

My 1st plate from brunch…

What is brunch without a cocktail? Peach Bellini

Before we headed back to the boonies, we went to the seafood place we love.  Cajun’s Seafood is in a sketchy part of New Orleans, but the food, yes!  We weren’t hungry, but we wanted it for later on.  I ended up with steamed shrimp with corn and sausage.  I ate two meals from that order and still didn’t finish.  The shrimp were so big.  I didn’t take pictures at all.  We left Cajun’s and headed to the Kupcake Factory in hopes of grabbing us some Salted Caramel cupcakes, unfortunately they didn’t have any that day.  We ended up some Samoas, Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pralines, Wedding Cake, and 24 Karrot Cake.  The damn Samoas were the business as I sit here typing this I want one. 

Cajun’s…need I say more?

We got back to the house, still full but a bit tired.  So I decided to take a shower and take a short nap, I needed to be ready for Unbreakable Tour experience and what an experience.


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