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My New Orleans and Unbreakable Adventure Part III

FYI – I lied about the length of this series.  I didn’t want the individual posts to be incredibly long.

On the way to see Janet…

I woke from my nap and began the process of beating my face.  To do a full beat face takes me an hour or more.  Yes, darlings it takes that long.  During my makeup beat face, Lala was in the room talking to me and telling all kinds of stories as well as being quite messy.  Yes, a three year old can be messy.  Then she got mad at me because I was offended she was using the bathroom while I was beating my face.  So common.

The beginning of my photo shoot aka selfies!

My sister decided she wasn’t going to wear the Chuck Taylors I suggested.  She was going to wear booties with a nice size heal.  Really?  Guess whose feet weren’t hurting?  LOL!


Lawd, we were at the venue trying to figure out the parking because of course the signage wasn’t great with the directions so we ended up asking NOLA PD.  Once we got parked we had to make the trek across the street to Smoothie King Arena.  FYI, we parked at the Superdome.  We went through the usual look through your purse inspection and to the line we went.  There was a security guard that was urging folks to go upstairs because there was no waiting.  After a moment we decided to take him up on the offer.  My goodness the steps!  We made to the area and had to stand in line.  Yes, there was still a line.  And they didn’t open the doors until 7.  I did have a VIP code to go to her museum, but seriously at this point I just was hungry and excited at the same time.  I didn’t want to be climbing over people to get to my seat either.

My sister, Mad Black Sistah, and I…

Omg!  There was food, thank you sweet baby Jesus!  I got me a shrimp po boy and my sister got a shrimp plate.  Chile, when we got to our seats I started munching down.  But, um, my bread was hard as a damn rock.  No ma’am.  Not going to eat it.  The shrimp were a bit too salty, but I was so hungry it didn’t matter.  At this point, my hunger was assuage and my excitement was running over because I was about to see Janet Jackson!

The crowd and stage. Pretty good seats, huh?

The DJ got the crowd hyped and ready for the concert.  Now I was told she started on time because she was the only act, no openers.  Well…she came out at 8:30 p.m. and the crowd was on their feet screaming, clapping and dancing because it was about to be on and popping.  While we were eating, my sister and I were questioning whether Janet was going to be singing to tracks because we didn’t see the band and we were side eyeing that possibility.  However, she had a band, backup singers, cameramen and lighting folks all in the rafters and shit.  She came to give a show and a show she gave us.

Smoothie King Arena

She did 31 songs with only one intermission.  She danced, sang her ass off but she gave me some great takeaways from the experience.  When you have a large catalog of hit music, you do not have to announce your songs as soon as the chords start the crowd knows the song. I want to be in the best shape and condition when I am 49 years old.  Sexiness and sensuality can be exuded without taking off one’s clothes.  Finally, how to be a professional and still remain humble.  Yes, she was amazing.  I danced until my hair started sweating then I stopped and started again when they played Scream.  Yes, Gawd!  I was in my element.  Remind me to never wear my hair down at a concert.  (But I wanted my hair to look like Janet’s!):::inmywhinyvoice:::

Ms. Jackson…

I enjoyed the concert even though there wasn’t big production numbers I am used to her performing, it was a well put together show that allowed the fans to enjoy the music and the experience.  You don’t need all the extras if you are a true entertainer.  If she comes to a city near you, go, no run and go see her.

Absolutely Gorgeous, professional, humble and genuine!

She wore the black outfit y’all.  You know the one with the MC Hammer PJ Pants, long sleeve shirt, a black skirt, tennis shoes and lots of arm jewelry.  She was beautiful, but I know her ass was hot.  I was hot.  Only thing she had a fan blowing on her while on stage I was wishing for a fan.  LOL!

More of Ms. Jackson

It wasn’t that difficult getting out of the venue and heading home, but I started to feel the not enough sleep part so we had to stop so I could get a ginger ale or Sprite.  And when I got back to the house, I unbeat my face and prepared for bed, but not before enjoying my Samoa cupcake.  Them were some sweet dreams right there…

After and before…I was a hot sweaty mess when it was over…


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