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My New Orleans and Unbreakable Adventure Part IV

Lala and Layla Layla

On Thursday, my sister went to work and I spent my time recuperating from the last few days.  Seriously, I didn’t get out of the bed until 11 am.  I had a visitor early that morning asking if she could sleep with me, Lala.  I saw her on the side of the bed then she climbed in the bed and asked if she could sleep with me, mind you I was in and out of sleep but I woke up when she hit me in the back with her blankie…smdh!  Luckily, her mama came and got her because seriously I was just was plain tired.

While Hunny Bunny did school with Lala, I had to babysit Layla Layla and do what you do with babies, were my instructions. LOL!

Thursday was the time for me to catch up on Empire, which I missed in favor of Janet.  I also, knew I wasn’t doing anything that evening because I wasn’t missing Scandal and HTGAWM.  Child, those episodes were doing the most.

Gates to the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

On Friday, my sister got us on a walking tour of the Lafayette Cemetery and the Garden District homes.  I had a ball.  First of all, I love history and that is the part of New Orleans I love.  So learning the history of the cemetery and some of the folks there was great.  We then explored the homes and architecture of the Garden district.  The history and the costs of the homes were astonishing.  We also got to see the homes of Sandra Bullock, childhood homes of the Manning brothers and John Goodman.  It was a well spent 2 hours of time. 

$6.7 million is the asking price…really.


Architecture is amazing for these Garden District Homes.

John Goodman’s home.

This house is interesting and beautiful, but I do not know if you can tell from the pictures but it is leaning.

We ended the tour on the side of Commander Palace. I have already checked this restaurant off my list back in 2001.

After the tour it was time for lunch.  I have a list of establishments I want to try in New Orleans and I am slowly checking them off my list.  One of them was Dooky Chase.  I had heard some good things about the restaurant and its owner.  The food is supposed to be incredible and the atmosphere a bit more upscale then most of your traditional homey cuisine.  The owner is actually a chef and I was prepared to have my taste buds singing an amazing song.  Well, I wanted them to win.  I really did.  Y’all, I do not know if it was an off day or what but they lost and I lost almost $50 in food that just wasn’t good.  First of all, there was no hostess at the stand when you come in and you had to wait to be seated.  Once she finally returned to the stand, folks had left because if there is no one to greet and explain how things are done, people will leave.  We were put on the list and eventually got a table.  We decided to eat the buffet, big mistake.  If you decide to eat at Dooky Chase, order from the menu.  I tried the potato salad, smoked sausage, lima beans with rice, squash, chicken salad and fried fish.  Sighing…I tasted the potato salad first and the one thing came to mind is always check to see who’s bringing the potato salad at a family dinner.  It was the nastiest potato salad I have ever had the displeasure of eating.  It was the seasoning in the potato salad that made it inedible for me.  Other diners were piling it on like it was amazing.  I am sorry; I was not there for it.  In fact, the dishes all had this flavoring that didn’t agree with my palate.  The chicken was okay and the fish was okay, but nothing was wow.  The buffet comes with a bowl of gumbo and peach cobbler.  I am not a traditional gumbo fan and the gumbo was just okay to me and the cobbler I just ate the crust and wasn’t impressed still.  I really wanted them to win, seriously.  And when they didn’t live up to my expectations I was disappointed.  The service from our waitress wasn’t bad, but the lack of a hostess on the front kind set the tone for the meal in the beginning.  As nice as the hostess was, she forgot one of the first rules of service always greet the customer at the door.

In front of the dining room entrance of Dooky Chase

Above the entrance to another dining room!

Gorgeous artwork in Dooky Chase Restaurant!

My buffet meal from Dooky Chase Restaurant…

We left there and went to Pinkberry, so I could see what was so great about this froyo.  I ordered the blood orange and peaches frozen yogurt with a few toppings.  It was okay.  Not sure what the big hype is, but okay.  Will I go back, probably but I don’t have to.

My Pinkberry creation…

When we finally made it back to my sister’s house, it was time to decompress.  I enjoyed the first episode of Law and Order:  SVU and chilled.  And got my steps in.  That evening was a low key night.  Dinner consisted of a Burger King chicken sandwich while watching Shark Tank. 

As per usual, Johnitis kicked in so that meant having all my shit packed and ready to go.  Megabus would be waiting on me…or maybe not.


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