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My New Orleans and Unbreakable Adventure Part V

                                                        Jackson Square…

It is always sad to say goodbye.  I mean Lala had packed her suitcase and was ready to go.  No really, she had packed her suitcase to go to Alabama.  That was until we got to the bus terminal and she said she was playing.  Poor child thought I was really going to take her back to Alabama and didn’t want to give me a hug until I made it perfectly clear; I ain’t giving up my quiet for her bossing me around. 

The Megabus was to leave at 9:15 am.  The bus was late.  I sat in that terminal until 10:30 am.  Where the hell was the bus?  You know folks get antsy.  When the bus was finally outside, they had us line up based on reserved seats and then general seating.  Guess how many folks had reserved seating?  Two.  Me and another older gentleman, he said when he realized it was just two of us he wasn’t surprised, but it sure does save a lot of headaches.  He wasn’t lying.  The folks boarding in New Orleans were okay group of folks, but honey I got scared in Mobile because this crew was different.  But I can say nothing remised happened on the bus and except folks complaining about the air conditioning it was a pleasant ride.  I just hated it was late leaving.  We did make the mandatory stop at the gas station/Arby’s/truck stop.  Frankly, if I wasn’t hungry I would have passed up the stop.  I was ready to get home. 

We got to Montgomery at little after 4 pm.  I didn’t care that it was raining or that it was cooler, I was just glad to be back home.  And when I got home and nothing was amiss, I was good to go. 

I told my sister several times I enjoyed this little trip because it gave me time to spend with my nieces and my sister.  I also got to see the New Orleans tourists don’t see.  And it made me feel like I did when I went to Jamaica.  There is façade in New Orleans and there is definitely a caste system although there has been some improvement since Hurricane Katrina, the improvement hasn’t been for all the folks of New Orleans.  One of the reasons I love New Orleans is the people and to know folks are still trying to rebuild their lives as other businesses and companies come to their area is disheartening.  The next time you visit New Orleans, leave the Quarter and tourist’s spots and drive further out and you will see what I mean.  Seriously.

I went to New Orleans to see one of my favorite artists, Janet Jackson and that was the highlight, but the time I spent with my sister and nieces was priceless…The End!


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