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I Need A Vacation From My Vacation

I need a vacation from my vacation.  I am still here, just trying to readjust to life after being catered to for seven days.  That is hard to come down from, seriously!

I was on vacation from November 7-15, 2015.  I went from Alabama to Louisiana to Miami to a cruise ship that took me to Grand Turks, Half Moon Cay and Nassau, Bahamas.  How does one return to normal after such a wonderful and much needed vacation?  I am struggling y’all.  Badly.

I do not know when I will be able to recap and post pictures because it is Thanksgiving week!  I have giving up the ghost of trying to clean my house perfectly for the holiday.  Hell, I at least cleaned the oven and my refrigerator.  To be honest, I am just glad I finally washed all my vacation clothes and put them up yesterday.  Now that is worth jumping up and down about.

I have my sister and her kids coming.  They are going to have to overlook the carpet and any dust bunnies in the corners, because I really need a vacation from vacation.

I am doing another Fitbit challenge this week and I am shame to say I may drop out like I did last week.  Too much pressure with all I have to do man.

I got my groceries for the things I am cooking for Thanksgiving.  Why didn’t I get any onions?  Ugh, I will have to go to the store Tuesday night.  Geez!

My cousin bought the sweet potatoes for the sweet potato soufflé.  I want to tell her to never do it again.  I never buy the huge sweet potatoes because they take too long to cook through and I ain’t got time to be making this casserole in batches. OMG!  The idea of working with them is making my head hurt.  Why lawd did she buy not a few but ten big ass sweet potatoes – they are weighing about a pound or more each.  Please pray for me.  And she only got on bag of marshmallows, with the size of those potatoes, what the heck was she thinking?  I can’t even talk to her right now because I am irked.  I should have let her fix the soufflé, but I didn’t want the family to be thinking I made the no no sweet potato soufflé.  (She has never made it before and folks do not understand the importance of getting all the strings out of the potatoes and how to make it taste amazing.)  Also, don’t be practicing on dishes with your family, because they are cruel.

We had book club last Monday.  I was so not prepared for the meeting because I needed a vacation from my vacation.  I couldn’t eat much because I didn’t want to see any more beef.  I was cute though.


Book Club Look!


The kids on the 2nd job missed me.  I didn’t miss working while I was off.  I walked in on my first day back to the owner going off on them and I was like, really?  I just tried to diffuse the situation and was like is this how you greet me…He came over and hugged me.  Still though…

I am going to say something that is going to piss off some folks, but I am being real.  I love Adele’s voice and several of her songs.  I do not however own an Adele album.  I doubt I will be buying 25.  Y’all I am coming off a year of stress, disengagements and several tests of my faith and I cannot listen to an album of sad ass songs that will depress me further.  I will not do it to myself.  As gorgeous as her voice is, I wish she could find her happy place and sing from there for a while.  No, she has a son and she seems happy, but we around here singing Hello with tears in our eyes.  I can’t.   There is an X at the top of this screen if you mad about this truth.

Welcome cold, because it was 29 degrees this morning when I woke up.  But thanks to my new ac/heating system my house was comfortable.  You know I got that hybrid heat pump/gas and my house is amazingly comfortable.  I was so scared I would be waking up dripping sweat and rushing to turn the heat off.

I am allergic to cigarette smoke.  And still allergic to eggs.  I can usually eat a boiled egg, but Thursday I had one with my chef salad and I noticed my eyes started itching on the way back to the office.  They turned red and watered for hours.  I woke up with swollen, stuck together eyes.  I need to find out what the hell I am allergic to, because I am having too many flare ups messing up my pictures.  My selfie game is strong in this new phone.  LOL!

Hope to be back with the vacation recap.  Seriously, I need a vacation from my vacation.



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