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After The Holiday Randoms…


Caitlyn and I on Thanksgiving!


Yep, I didn’t post anything last week.  I am still on vacation mode.  Seriously.


Thanksgiving was a wonderful break from both jobs where I was able to spend time with family and enjoyed the interactions.  Finally, Carson and Lala met.  Carson is from April to December older than Lala, but you couldn’t tell with her bossy self.


Carson and Lala


Speaking of Lala, she is a mean girl.  This little girl is mean.  If you have low self-esteem, I would suggest you avoid her like the plague, because she isn’t going to say something to you that will bring forth butterflies and rainbows.  More like the things nightmares are made up.  Over dramatic much?  A few examples:

She told my oldest niece you can’t come behind me because your hair looks crazy.

                She told me I was talking nonsense because I kept telling her she was staying in Alabama with me.  Then the caveat was when she said she loved her mommy but she didn’t love me.  Really little girl?  I told her she would be sleeping on the front porch. 

                She didn’t want Hunny Bunny to sleep in the bed with her and her mama so she laid across the top of the bed.  Yes, she did.

My oldest niece ate whole sweet potato pie by herself.  I still have the other pie in my refrigerator.

The thanksgiving meal was okay, but my cousin must be opposed to seasoning.  A dash of salt or flavors can bring out the taste in a food item, but without it everything tastes bland or the same.  Sighing…However, her peach cobbler was all that and more.  And I do not like peach cobbler.  I prefer apple.

I did cook my usual stuff for the meal and made sure to have a full meal at home since I had a house full of folks to feed.  I baked some Triple Ginger Cookies on that Saturday and I had my oldest niece handle the last batch, why the hell did she burn them?  LOL!


Burnt Triple Ginger Cookies


Friday night we went to Dairy Queen, because they wanted ice cream.  I wanted crab legs.  We wanted to go to the casino, but I didn’t know the rules for little kids.  We ended up going to Red Lobster for crab legs.  Let me ask a question.  I have dined out 3 times in the last month.  All three times the waitress/waiter all had us pass drinks down instead of them walking around to give them to us.  Is this becoming the norm?  I just think it is lazy.


Lazy day…Caitlyn and Hunny Bunny


We went out shopping for about an hour on Thursday.  We didn’t even try to shop on Friday.  We realized prices were marked up to simulate a sale and we weren’t about that life.  I have managed to get some great bargains online with free shipping.  Works for me.

I haven’t put up my Christmas tree yet, but I do have it in the house (lizard free and spider free).  I plan to put it up tonight and finish the decorations as well.  I just hope I am not too tired.  I need to get into the spirit and that is a step in the right direction.

Did you watch the Wiz on NBC Thursday?  I truly enjoyed it.  I was just so disappointed in my friends on my timeline who didn’t know the history of the play and the difference between it and the movie.  Yes, I had a moment of missing Michael as the scarecrow, but Michael wasn’t the first scarecrow.  I think they did a great job in making it work for television and although I was questioning the casting, it worked.  So when I saw folks comparing it to the movie, it just set me on edge because it is based on the play, the movie was an adaptation of the play.  Hell no Toto wasn’t going to be running all over the damn stage, it is a play and Toto ass wasn’t in the play like that either.  I just wish my people would stop looking for the negative in everything and just learn to appreciate the positive.  We had a family friendly production on a major network that was well done with gorgeous costumes, scenery and awesome performances and that was major!

I do plan to do a recap of my vacation, it is just hard to sit down and get it done, but I will.  I know I will be busy for the next two weeks because of my annual holiday book club meeting.  I have two dyi’s to complete not to mention the cooking, cleaning and reading I must do.

We are currently reading Ruby:  A Novel by Cynthia Bond.  This book is so good and so difficult to put down.  The story deals with deeply emotional topics, but the prose is so lyrical.  Loving it so far.

Anyway, I wanted to touch bases with folks.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the holiday because hell I didn’t do that much.


Of course I took a lot of selfies…What? LOL!


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