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Happy…Merry… Um…Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year Randoms…


I managed to still take Selfies…Go figure!

Let me apologize for the lack of posting. It is the holiday season and with it comes a busy time for me as I prepare for my annual holiday book club meeting.  And folks, I have been quite busy at work so my time has been limited.  So either I was doing something in preparation for my meeting when I got home from work or I was just plain tired.  And yes, I still went to the 2nd job too.  Only difference is this year, I let one of the newer Assistant Managers work my Friday before my meeting and that was great…!  So get you a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or some hard liquor if that is how you flow.  Let’s go!

On my last post I did randoms after Thanksgiving. FYI, I have finished the vacation recap and all I have to do is upload a few pictures and those will be going up soon.  Don’t ask when because right now I am recovering from Christmas.

The week after Thanksgiving I started doing my ‘things to do’ for my book club meeting and finalizing the menu. I changed a few things and remove an item or two from the menu for my convenience and to not have a lot of leftovers.  I had a hard time getting in touch with the family that makes my punch initially, and then I would forget until it was too late in the evening to call anyone.  However, when I finally reached them, they were like we were going to make the punch whether I had called or not.  I was so grateful and even though they didn’t want me to pay for it, I did.  That punch is fire and believe you and me the fruit juices needed to make it are expensive and it is worth every dime I paid.

I am still in my cousin’s vehicle and thank goodness for the space it provides.

I decided to do candles and body butter for my book club members this year. I only had to order the containers and the fragrance oil.  In fact, this was probably the only thing that worked well time wise.


Candles, whipping shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil and fragrance and the containers and finished products

I finally got my Christmas tree up on December 10, 2015, yes in the middle of the week. I kept putting it off from Thanksgiving because I didn’t want to go into my storage room.  Y’all we have spiders and you know lizards and mice stay in and out of the storage room.  So I dreaded with a passion of going out there.  So the first weekend of December, I went out that Saturday and sprayed it down with peppermint oil and water (spiders and mice can’t stand the smell of mint).  Then on Sunday, with the fear of spraining my ankle on my mind I brought my boxes inside.  Before anything comes into the house, it has to sit on the carport for 15 minutes so if anything is in them they got time to get out and not get into my house.  So the tree was aggravating me sitting in my living room, so I had to put the tree up.  The rest of the decorations went up later.


My Christmas tree and décor. I didn’t take many pictures this year.

I ordered a new wreath. I don’t think my sister liked it, but my book club members thought it was me.


My Wreath, still intact and in the plastic.

Shopping for the holidays was simple. I got on the Internet and ordered.  I didn’t buy a lot of stuff but most of it came from online stores.  I just couldn’t be bothered going to the mall or shopping centers.

I did get a Keurig for myself. Now, seriously I have vacillated between the waste of the K cups and purchasing a machine that you can use K cups and put in your own coffee.  Keurig did themselves a disservice by making machines not designed to take the cups you fill with your own coffee, but they do have an adapter so with coupons and rewards, I got a nice Keurig for $60 and not the small one either.  One of the few times I went to the mall was to pick up this baby.  So I have been drinking the samples and discerning what flavors I like.  So far the Hazelnut and Chai Tea Latte are my favorite from the sampler, but the Hot Apple cider is the business.


Hot Apple Cider

My cousin got Lala some educational books and some pearl earrings for Christmas. Honey, that child loved them earrings.  She made her mama put them in her ears the very next day.  SMH!


Lala and her “pale earrings” you know she meant pearl…LOL!

The week of my book club meeting was busy. I had a task to do every day except Tuesday when I worked the 2nd job.  Monday I made the gifts.  Wednesday I made the chicken salad and ham salad and clean, made 4 types of cookie dough and finished decorating.  Thursday I baked 6 types of cookies.  Y’all I was tired from baking I really needed a double oven because it would have made the baking so much easier.  I was up until 2 am baking cookies.  However, I told myself since I was off on Friday I would take my time getting up and out.  Friday I left the house at 11 am to go to the UPS to pick up my wreath.  (SN:  I belong to the UPS My Choice or whatever it is called and when I have a package coming by UPS they email the information giving me the opportunity to change delivery days, times or place.  I love it.)  It took the worker a minute to find the box and when she brought the box out to me it was a hot mess.  Yet, the wreath was intact.  I left there to go to the local hardware store for outdoor faucet covers and then to the CVS for prescriptions and candy.  Then I had to go to the bread house and then the gas station. You keeping up? I headed to Eastchase shopping center.  The worst mistake of the day.  Unbeknownst to me, there had been a truck wreck on Interstate 85 at 2 am that morning, well it was had some cargo that had to be removed and because of the accident they were having trouble removing the truck and what should have been an hour or two ordeal it turned into an almost all day event which deterred traffic from the Interstate to places like Eastchase.  The Interstate was backed up from Macon County to Montgomery County.  So getting in and out of this shopping area was a mess.  I went to Target first, which didn’t have any African American Christmas cards, boo!  Then I headed to Dillard’s for my nieces last gifts and then I had to get the hell out of Eastchase and this is when I knew I was breaking down because it took me forever to leave there.  I was in tears with frustration.  I couldn’t cry forever because I had to hit Walmart, Winn Dixie, the bank, somewhere to eat, Dollar tree and finally make it home at 4:30 pm.  Not to mention, I had to drop off the tray of cookies at the 2nd job.  As soon as I got home I had to wrap my pipes and put on the covers because it was supposed to get down to freezing that night.  Then I put up food, I ate and took a nice long nap.  I woke up refreshed and was able to get things done like my chicken wings, salads, fruit tray and other items ready for the next day.  I woke up bright and early Saturday to finish my sandwiches and meatballs and the last minute cleaning.  I ran out to pick up the punch and stop at the Dollar General, where when I left I got caught by a train.  A long ass train.  Ten minutes I waited then I was home and ready to finish things, well my fire alarm needed new batteries and the damn alarm system kept telling me so.  I had to go back out and get the damn batteries.  I had to call ADT to reset the system and I know I burst the guy’s eardrums as the alarm was going off.  I was so behind at this point I wanted to give up because my feet and back were killing me.  I kept going.  I had no nap and no food, but at 6:00 pm I was at least dressed and functional.


The epic tray of cookies. 6 types. I ain’t doing that again.

The meeting was great because we had a great discussion book, Ruby: A Novel by Cynthia Bond.  All my members were there and we had a great time fellowshipping and enjoying each other’s company.  I wasn’t upset when the last folks left after 10 pm.  Even though I didn’t manage my time properly that day, it took me 20 minutes to clean up because I had organized everything while folks were there, and then I was able to finally sit down and eat.  My poor feet.  I didn’t take any pictures of the food because their hungry asses were helping me remove the covers so they could dig in.  Hell!


I was able to take selfies during and after book club…I even changed lipstick. Too much!

I didn’t send out Christmas cards this year because I needed new ones and when I went to mail my nieces gifts and they didn’t have any more Christmas/Kwanzaa stamps I just said forget about it. Then I felt like an immense failure when I got a Christmas card from Carson.


Carson’s Christmas Card…

Best time to get work done is when folks have to take off during the holidays because of the lose it or use it policy. It has been quiet around these parts.

Sandra Bland. Tamir Rice. Tired.

How is the weather where you are? Prayers for those in Texas who had to deal with tornadoes.  Right here in Alabama we have had floods and tornadoes as well.  Prayers for everyone!

This weather has been crazy. The week before Christmas it was chilly a couple of below freezing nights no hard freezes though.  Then it started raining.  Then it would stop raining.  On Christmas Eve, it rained all day.  It rained so much there was a flash flood warning.  My phone alerts said do not drive at night because this is how people drown in flash floods.  My nerves were shot to hell.  I was at home hungry and scared, but I wasn’t driving anywhere.  Christmas day the temperature was 81 degrees.  I can’t.  We are going to hell.

Madonna’s son doesn’t want to return to her. He is 15 years old.

Christmas was typical family, food and fun. Do you have that relative that always shows up for dinner but expects to take plates home even though they haven’t brought anything for the meal or offered to bring anything?  My cousin and his wife do this all the time.  My folks need to say something instead of being passive-aggressive.  My cousins also played cards as well.  They had folks come over and at first there were just a couple of folks then more folks kept coming through the door.  After the 10th person, I asked did they come by bus.  It was so many people.  And you know my window started closing…I was gone within 15 minutes.  I wanted to go home.  But I had to stop at the Waffle House for a burger.  Judgeyourmama.  I was hungry.  You see my cousin when she hosts Christmas she does a lot of casseroles and if you have read my blog long enough especially when I was on blogger you know I do not eat cheese.  So I only had a small piece of ham, green bean casserole, potato salad, pasta salad, sweet potato soufflé and a roll.  All small servings like one spoon.  So I stopped to get something to hold me over to the next day.  LOL!

I got a few things for Christmas my best gifts were the K cups from my sister and two boxes of Christmas Cards…Yes!


My sister did a good job wrapping gifts this year. I wrapped none…LOL!

Now all I can think about is taking my Christmas tree down. I even spent money and purchased a tree container with wheels.  Now I can stop fretting over lizards being in the Christmas tree box.  I also can’t stop worrying about getting the house cleaned as well.  I do not have much to do because I cleaned well for my meeting, but I can’t bring the New Year in with a dirty house.

I have no real plans for New Year’s Eve. I never do.  I only know is I want to try some pho and I am going to try and make it happen.

Oh, when I got the Christmas tree container I went on my lunch break Monday. It had stopped raining so I took a chance and went to the Walmart.  Found what I needed and was done in less than 10 minutes, but as usual Walmart likes to play with the open cash register lanes.  I was in a line with two people in front of me, but damn it on me, the first person was buying an astronomical amount of gift cards that the poor cashier had to scan and load.  Ugh! FML!  When I finally get through the line, it had started raining.  I was going to pick up lunch at Chic fila but I wasn’t going to get in the long ass drive thru line and the rains intensity had increased so I wasn’t getting out the car.  So, I decided I would go to this little sandwich shop not far from the office.  Wrong.  The rain was so hard and coming down so fast the streets were starting to flood.  I took my ass back to the office hungry as can be, but safe.  Thank you Lord!

Family gossip serves to distract from other issues.

I think I have caught you up. I was told recently I needed to post more than once a month.  And for the New Year, I will do better.  However, emotionally I have just not had it in me to write because when I am stressed I can’t write.  Plus, I really have been busy with life and living as well.  This year didn’t feel like Christmas and I didn’t have my usual Christmas spirit.  In fact, I mentioned to some folks I would have been fine just staying at home in the bed all day.  My heart wasn’t into it this year.  Plus, it doesn’t help that it felt like summer.

I am going to keep it real; I probably will not post another post this year. I got too much to do including a vision board that I haven’t even started.  So with that in mind…Have a Happy New Year!  See you in 2016!…


These are my Christmas Selfies…my make up was amazing and yes I am still vain.

P. S. I see WordPress has changed again so adding these pictures was a headache and I am sorry they are so big I could only resize the first picture.  I wish they would stop…


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