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Travel Day, November 7, 2015

I do not know about you but the day before I travel I am always running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I also worked at both jobs on the Friday before.  So you know it was imperative that I have most of my packing done by Thursday.  Also, the night before a trip I rarely sleep.  My giddiness and excitement just run over and I sleep very little and lawd knows I needed my sleep because Saturday was a long travel day.

As with all good plans, something comes along to mess something up. My cousin was to pick me up at the house at 9 a.m., well they didn’t get to my house until well after 10 am.  I was fit to be mad.  I was ready to hit the road and there was a delay.  Oh, let me backtrack.

On Friday, my cousin had taken her vehicle for an oil change and had it detailed. On her way home from errands that afternoon, she called me and while talking she said her vehicle had stopped and she saw a battery light pop on.  She immediately got off the phone with me and took the vehicle to the dealership.  I didn’t want to tell her that the battery light isn’t your battery but your alternator and as you can guess, it was her alternator.  We would not be driving her vehicle to NOLA to catch our flight.  You see she has this fancy foreign car where you can’t just get a new alternator in an hour, her alternator comes from Germany.  And this was right before the Paris attacks.  Her vehicle didn’t get fixed until a week after we returned.  I told my cousin God was looking out for us, because we didn’t need the alternator going out on us on the road.  So thank you Jesus! Back to the story…

We had to drive in her bff new Malibu, nice car but not much storage. Plus, my cousin and her BFF over packed.  I swear y’all when I saw the suitcases my eyes bugged out.  I could not believe the size of their suitcases.  I only had a 24 in and a 20 in and a small carryon.  Literally, the luggage had a seat in the car.  I have more on the luggage situation a little later.

My cousin was the designated driver and she didn’t want to drive because she and her BFF have issues regarding how my cousin drives. Please note, my cousin has only been in one accident that I am aware of and it wasn’t even her fault.  She may get a ticket every now or then, but she is pretty safe.  The traveling weather was drizzly with sun intermittently.  When we got about an hour or so out of NOLA it was a full fledge rain.  And the BFF and my cousin got into an argument about her driving 85 in the rain.  She was right because I was nervous my damn self and I was in the front seat.  Shit.  I kept running texts to my sister the whole way, because they fought like blood relatives.

We made it the parking lot where we had a coupon for savings and then took the shuttle to the airport across the street. I love curbside check in.  I do because I hate lugging shit and we were able to check in and walk into the airport.  But my cousin suitcase was overweight.  Yes it was.  I was shocked as big as the suitcases were her luggage was still overweight.  Literally, she had to put some stuff in the underweight suitcase and put stuff in her carryon.  Am I the only one who weighs their luggage once they are packed?  I started doing that when I had to pay $89 extra to fly to Orlando for a family cruise.

I do not like to fly and I do not like TSA. The NOLA airport isn’t huge folks, but the security line was long and slow moving.  Me with my impatience and my inability to just chill is always a problem.  And NOLA has those damn scanners, which I do not like.  I have a problem with you seeing my naked body (I know it isn’t really naked) without me actually inviting you.  I did it because frankly at the pace they were going I would not make my flight (we had 2 hours before take off.  I am always dramatic.)  I went through without a hitch and we went to the 1 of the few restaurants in the airport for drinks, not for me and food, not for me either.  Our waiter was shitty.  I wasn’t hungry nor did I need alcohol, I was giddy on the fact I was actually on vacation.  My sister finally arrived, pregnant and all.  That is a story for another time.

We flew Southwest coming and going $76 dollar flights which one can’t beat with a stick. This was my first time flying Southwest and I loved it.  The flight attendants were amazing as was the pilots.  We had bad weather on this flight so we had to fly above it and still had to remain in our seats for the majority of the flight.  One poor passenger had to ignore the signs she had to hit the bathroom quick.  This flight had several empty seats so since my sister and I had early loading options, we took two rows.  However, one lady was like since it was just one person my sister was waiting on could she have the other seat.  All these damn seats and she on my sister’s row.  I ended up staying on the row with my cousin and her BFF.  I texted my sister, “I ain’t sitting between two pregnant women.”  Yes she was preggos too!

We made it to Ft. Lauderdale on time. The airport there looked like it had lots of eating places which would be good on our return flight.  We grabbed our luggage and made it to the taxi area for a ride to our hotel in Miami.  This proved to be a bigger task than expected.  Because of all the damn luggage, we had to get a big van and the guy made us walk to him instead of meeting us at the curb as all the other taxi drivers did.  It is a 25 minute ride from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami.  The cost was to be about $75.  We told him the hotel and the street address, this motherfucker dropped us off with all our luggage and took our damn money at the wrong hotel!  Whoosah!  It was 10 pm at night and we were tired.  The hotel had to beg another taxi driver to take us to the correct hotel.  I was so over it by now because the adrenaline high was gone.  I was tired and hungry.  The new taxi driver didn’t turn on his meter and just for reference our hotel was only 5 minutes away.  He charged us $30, but when my sister asked why the meter wasn’t running he dropped the price to $15.


I was taking pictures of the meter lowkey so we could report the cab driver.

Our hotel was amazing as we stayed at the JW Marriot on Brickell, our bellman was absolutely boss. He organized our luggage in our room gave us the go over and was genuinely glad we were there.  I tipped him handsomely.

My sister and I decided to walk to Brickell Village to find a place to eat because we were starving. We ended up eating at a PF Chang.  Don’t go to a restaurant hungry because your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

We made it back to the hotel for showers and bed. I was ready for some sleep.  But my cousin and her BFF were acting like they were cold and shit.  Damn that, I ain’t sleeping hot.  Next day was Sunday and we were planning a fun day in Miami.


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