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Welcome to 2016…Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I know I am a couple days late, but better late than never.  Or it could be like my Christmas cards that never happened…LOL!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s. I worked New Year’s Eve up until 3 pm, and then I hightailed it home with no stops, to clean my house.  I didn’t finish until almost 10 pm.  However, when I got in that hot, bubbly bath it was all worth it.  Seriously, my feet and back were shot.

I didn’t cook anything. I didn’t drink anything.  I wasn’t motivated to do a whole lot for the eve of the New Year.  At midnight, I went to a back bedroom and prayed for a peaceful, prosperous, productive, positive, healthy and faithful 2016.  All the while, folks were shooting off fireworks and guns.  I stayed in the back for about 15 minutes.  And of course, folks had called so I started returning Happy New Year calls.  My cousin thought I was talking to my sister and I told her actually I was dodging the bullets.  No really.  They were shooting entirely too much.  They would finish a clip and reload.  Bullets got to drop somewhere and I didn’t want it to be on me.

My sister and I for once are on the same time zone. They spent their New Year’s Eve watching movies and eating junk.  And they were wondering why Lala was jumping on the bed and basically acting crazed when they were ready to go to sleep.

New Year’s Day I rested. I slept until 9 am and then I chilled the rest of the day.  My cousin cooked the usual greens and blackeye peas, but I declined to drive over when I would only eat the blackeye peas I do not eat collards or cornbread and frankly I do not want any fried chicken.  I opted for Chinese.  I went to a new restaurant and they were so friendly and excited to see me because seriously I was the only one in there.  In fact, traffic was amazingly quiet that afternoon and I was cool with that.

I took Saturday off and I literally laid in bed all day. I still haven’t put the Christmas decorations in the storage shed.  I was so hesitant because of my back, or lazy one or the other.  Oh, I did finish retightening my hair. I had to go out and get me something to eat again because I still hadn’t gone to the grocery store.  Plus, I couldn’t decide if I was going to make soup or something else.  I went the easy route and decided I would make soup later in the month.

My Vision Board is completed. Not much is on it, but there are a lot of spiritual quotes to get my mind right every morning.


Vision Board 2016. I have OCD so my board must be orderly…No…Seriously.

Y’all it is cold here. Remember how it was over 80 degrees for Christmas?  It has been highs in the upper 40s here this week.  I have managed to walk outside, but baby it ain’t all that comfortable.  I am trying not to complain and be a baby about the weather, but it sure is playing on my emotions right now.

I didn’t make in resolutions this year. 2015 wasn’t the worst year of my life but it definitely was challenging at times and costly.  I think the negative of the year contributed to the sadness of the holidays for me.  As much as I love Christmas, I realized I was just going through the motions.  I do not like when life passes me by with not much more than a whimper from me.  I am still functioning in this haze of indifference and tiredness.  I know things will not always go smoothly, but for me I feel like I have angered God in some way because every step forward I make I end up two steps back when the dust clears.  There is that feeling of flailing your arms to keep from drowning and that is how I feel.  I am blessed and I know this, but when the hits keep coming you have to take stock of your life and take particular notice to the things that are hindering you from moving forward and garnering the gifts God has prepared for you.  2015 had some bright moments including family time, Janet Jackson and a great vacation.  I know 2016 will be better.

Speaking of Janet Jackson, I refused to buy into the conjecture of her health. She sent out a note on her health situation which stated specifically there would be no other comment regarding the situation.  The media has put out all types of diagnoses, but if you know anything about Janet and her privacy, you know only a select group of folks know her situation.  So can we respect her privacy during this time and just send up some prayers?  Iamatruestanandsomeofyouaregonnamakemefightyou!

Update:  Due to the overwhelming misinformation given by the media, Janet actually did a short Youtube words video with one of her songs on the album that speaks about how the media lies.  She closed it with a written statement that she doesn’t have cancer and she will be back on tour soon and at this time she is recovering.  She shouldn’t have had to make any type statement, but y’all the media lies.

One of the best known DJs here in Montgomery passed yesterday. Kenny J Smith was an icon here because of his velvety smooth voice and genuine good nature.  Everyone who has ever met him has a Kenny J story.  I got to know him because I sent a letter to the radio station about one of the local cable stations getting rid of WGN and other stations that aired black shows.  I used to write a lot of letters back in the day when things were unfair or made me angry. (That is probably why I get so much grief from TSA.)  He called me on my cell phone to discuss the letter and to tell me how wonderful it was to see a young black woman speaking out on issues that affected the community.  You know that blew my head up right?  It was a nice conversation and it meant something that such a well-known local DJ took the time out to call and talk to me.  Kenny J loved his community and he will be missed.  When I heard, I cried because seriously I have known him from the radio since I came back to Montgomery after my mom died.  RIH Kenny J…tell my mama and aunt I am gonna be alright!

On a lighter note, Lala’s birthday is at the end of December and she had a list of specific things she wanted for her birthday. Well, my sister got her things that were similar, but not necessarily exactly what she wanted.  You know Lala has no filter right?  She opened the presents and said this wasn’t on her list, multiple times.  I can’t with her.  She did get her bike and she said, “Dreams do come true.”  Lawd…


“Dreams do come true…”

I have given you two posts this week. Go me!  Now I have to work on getting my pictures for the Vacation series and my obligatory Sisterlock Anniversary post.

Enjoy our week!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2016…Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you!! Sounds like you kept it quiet and simple and not necessarily traditional and there ‘aint nothing wrong with that. Hope this year is good to you. It is freezing over here too. We had so much heat for so long and now it’s cold and rain. But we need the water.

    • I think I am just getting older and set in my ways and the thought of bringing in the New Year in somebody’s club with hundreds of folks I don’t know ain’t fun to me. I woke up this morning with an “Aw, Hell No!” it is cold this morning. 29 degrees is way below my comfort level. LOL! Happy New Year!

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