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Day 2 Vacation November 8th

*Sorry about the delay, but I was lazy getting the pictures uploaded.  Only to realize I only took 13 pictures on my Canon.


Versace’s House…

I woke up a bit cranky on Sunday. I didn’t rest well in the bed.  I am weird and I cannot rest if the sheets and such are not aligned properly on the bed.  For example, this bed had this strange mattress cover or something like that, which shifted, so I kept feeling like I was falling out the damn bad.  Granted it was my sister and I on the queen bed, but that thing shifting was too much for me.  Sighing…

My cousin and her BFF decided to find a place for breakfast while we lounged around. We had plans to hang out with BFF’s cousin who we called Uncle Paul during the day and then hang with my cousin’s neighborhood friend that night.

I kept looking at my phone and the weather in Miami and I knew I needed to be comfortable for the day’s outings because it was still warmer than I care for in Miami in November. I definitely wasn’t going to wear makeup.  Did I mention my foot had a rash on it and was itching?  Yeah, I was having an allergic reaction to something.  Sighing…


Sitting on the waterfront deck at Shuckers



The water overlooking some of Miami and the dock at Shuckers

BFF’s cousin picked us up in his Mercedes (noticed a lot of high end cars in the city) and he was taking us on a driving tour of Miami and taking us to South beach. The nerd in me was so happy because he gave us the history of the neighborhoods and the politics of how things run in Miami.  I was in hog heaven.  Or is that nerd heaven?  He took us all over Miami and I was here for it.  I truly got my life because I found the city beautiful and like any other city with its good neighborhoods there were areas where things aren’t so great.  We saw quite a few interesting things driving through South beach, because you know I do not do beaches and sands and shit.  The area, the water, the scenery were amazing.  The buildings were architecture beauties as well.  We ended up having lunch at Shuckers Waterfront Grill at Uncle Paul’s insistence and the breeze and fans and the boats docking right below us for lunch was just amazing for this Alabama girl.  I had the blackened grouper sandwich with waffle fries it was so fresh and yummy.  I enjoyed our outing with Uncle Paul and couldn’t help but give him a big hug in gratitude.


My margarita at Shuckers. That’s Uncle Paul and my cousin’s BFF in the background.

We got back to the hotel after stopping at Walgreens for snacks and Benadryl and cortisone cream for me at the recommendation of the pharmacist. Yes, I was in Miami having allergic reactions to goodness knows what.  I watched television and finally polished my nails as everyone else took naps.  Well, my cousin didn’t because she got to nervous cleaning. SMDH!


Blackened grouper sandwich, waffle fries so good!



Statute outside the Mary Brickell Village…Interesting…LOL!

We met with Johnny, who is from the neighborhood and great friends with my cousin, that evening. I wish I could go into the dynamics of this relationship but I won’t.  Anyway, Johnny and his wife Pam met us at the hotel and y’all they lived like almost 1.5 hours from Miami.  We decided to walk to the Mary Brickell area and find some place to eat and get some drinks.    Let me say, the Brickell area is a nice place to find trendy and not so trendy eating, shopping and club areas.  We decided on the Brother Jimmy’s BBQ.  The BBQ was really tasty and they had some of the best tasting cole slaw around.  Now their key lime pie was okay, but not the caliber I was hoping for in Miami.  We laughed and talked and just had great time catching up on the life and the neighborhood.


Key Lime pie at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ

We took a leisurely walk back to the hotel and finished with a photoshoot in the hotel lobby with everyone. You know how we do.


Part of the photoshoot in the lobby, see the background scenery?

After all hugs were given we headed back to our room to prepare for bed because the next day would be our embarkation on Carnival Cruise Victory.


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