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Day 3 Vacation 11/9 – Embarkation


Carnival Victory…I took this picture while in Grand Turk


I woke up first Monday morning because I wanted to beat my face and I wanted to do it in peace. I had soaked my contacts for over 24 hours so I was going to be cute.  We were taking a cab to the port so we reserved the cab and our favorite bell person came to get all our luggage (the amount is embarrassing).  We headed down to the cab area and within five minutes our cab was waiting for us.  Now my cousins and her BFF went to have breakfast and drink coffee, knowing we were trying to get to the port by 11.  So they eating and chilling and still hadn’t checked out.  Really?  I am weird and I know it, but I just do not get folks who do not really eat being leisurely over a continental breakfast.  IJS…

During this time I got a call from my full time job. This was so unbelievable, but it wasn’t a big deal but I was able to guide my co-worker to the information she needed from my office and all was well.

Our cab driver was much better than the guys we had Saturday night he showed us sights on the way to the port and was so engaging. We had a ball on the short trip to the port.  Once we got to the port, we of course got a porter to handle our bags because seriously the amount of bags we had was embarrassing.  Then we headed to the embarkation area.  If you have ever done a cruise, you have to complete forms online as well as put tags on your bags prior to embarkation.  Part of embarkation is going through the custom screening.  The lines weren’t too long and it really didn’t take but about 15 minutes to get through security.  However, why my shit was delayed? The custom agent had to run my passport twice and still had to wait a moment.  Okay, I have written a few letters and voiced a few opinions have I now been put on a “list”?  This security checkpoint area is just like going through security at the airport.  You want to take only a carryon bag and you want to be comfortable because there will be lines and lots of standing until you get on the boat.

Once you get through customs you head to the lines for getting our Sail and Sign cards. We already knew our room number so we had to get the Sail and Sign cards, which should have taken a short bit of time.  But oh no, we waited 20 minutes because my sister being pregnant required proof she had sent in the doctor’s note and shit.  Poor agent had to walk around getting signatures, but when she got back we were given our cards and off we went to get on the boat.

I have been on about 5 Carnival Cruises and this boat was a bit different. It had some 2.0 upgrades and the set up was definitely different from the previous boats I had been on.

Of course, you can’t go to your room once you get on the boat, so we all went and had lunch. That is why I didn’t eat breakfast.  So stand in line we did and then we were able to sit down and eat leisurely.  However, I wasn’t enjoying my food as I should because I was having an allergic reaction.  Remember the contacts I had soaked for over 24 hours?  Well, my eyes by this time were blood red and putting out the “sleep” you only get when you are sleeping, but oh now this was massive amount of “sleep”.  My eyes were running, itching and burning.  I was a hot mess and already knew I was in for at least two days of horrible looking eyes.  Ugh!

We finally made it to our cabin and I was impressed. We had a couch with a chair and table for a seating area two twin beds and lots of storage.  Even the bathrooms have been updated to be more spacious even in such a small area.  I took advantage of the bathroom to get the contacts out of my eyes.  Lawd, I really was a mess.

We chilled until it was time for our departure and safety drill. I hate doing the safety drill.  During the wait, my sister and I signed up for the Internet package which was like $18 for the entire cruise which included only social media stuff and I was able to text using my What’s App so it was pretty cool.  Then the announcement came to go to our disembarkation zone for our safety drill.  Did I mention I hate doing the safety drill?  The only good thing about it was we do not have to wear the damn lifejacket anymore.  But y’all it was so hot in Miami at that time and with all these folks standing in close proximity it was damn near hell.  We stood and we stood and we stood.  Folks started sitting down and other folks just whined.  I was a whiner.  Then after about 30 minutes we were released, thank goodness because I was over sweating off my face.  Hell.

My sister and I took the opportunity explore the ship before our dinner time. And we found the coffee shop and ice cream shop.  Yes, I got me some ice cream, real ice cream that was amazing.  We sat and chilled then headed back to the room to get ready for dinner.  By the way, we got our luggage prior to our safety drill, which was great for us.

We had an early dinner seating, which worked for us. The first night I had their lasagna that I love.  I never left dinner hungry.  We did some more exploring of the ship after dinner.  However, we were tired and because I am not a fan of smoking, the areas on the Promenade deck were filled with smoke.  We headed back to our cabin while my cousin hit the casino.  She hit, as usual.


Exploring and enjoying the quiet on the ship. I had just finished eating my ice cream…LOL!

Funny thing happened on the way to our security check at the port. As we were walking, some lady I have never seen before in my life approached me of all people.  She asked if we were going on the cruise and of course I said yes, then she goes on to tell me she left some expensive liquor on the boat in her room and would I get it for her. Bitch, where, what? I know I had a look on my face that said you have come to the wrong one.  I said, “Ma’am, we will not be able to go directly to our rooms upon embarking the ship and further anything that was left on the boat is gone because the steward has started to clean and prepare the room for the next guests.” She was adamant telling me she was able to go straight to her room once she got on the boat.  I just kept walking stating I can’t help you.  The whole encounter was weird.  Why she chose me of all people to approach is beyond me, because I am not the one to ask for favors if I do not know you and it is questionable if I do know you.  Further, her story didn’t make sense and it sounded like some damn scam.  I am not only cute, but I am intelligent too.  Don’t try me.  Weird right?


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