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Day 4 Fun Day at Sea November 10

I woke up to red eyes, which was to be expected. Since we were having a fun day at sea, we tried to just do some relaxing and explore the ship.  We had breakfast in the dining room because it was their Brunch day.  I ended up eating plain French toast and sausage.  I could have had cereal crusted French toast, but the thought even right now makes my stomach hurt.

We did some exploring and buying jewelry. And um, somehow we ended up in the room to rest some more.  Look, it was hot on the deck and I don’t do hot.  I also was on antihistamine and I needed to rest.  We did manage to make it to lunch on the deck where I had one of my favorite sandwiches, pastrami.

If I believed in swimming in the pool, I still wouldn’t have because of all the kids in the pool. If I gambled I would have been in the casino, but since I do not gamble and the way my allergies are set up, cigarette smoke will keep me out of the casino.  So back to the cabin to read.

This day was our dress up dining day. So I got to put on a full face of makeup and have my hair looking right, even though my eyes were a fool.  Plus, I had some new shoes to wear.  We all got cute and headed to dinner.  I ended up having to take off my shoes because baby my feet weren’t having it with the walk.  After perusing the menu, we made our choices.  I think I had prime rib that night and it was cooked to perfection.  I left dinner full.


Mandatory Selfies before dinner and while waiting on dinner…

After dinner we went to take pictures, which were so cheesy. Ask me how many pictures I purchased on the cruise?  Absolutely none.  An 8 by 10 was $20.00 and although there were some 5 by 7 pictures most were the more costly size. And to get them reduced was an additional cost and mind you these are digital copies so it wouldn’t take much to have them reduced.  Although the photographers are supposed to be professionals, some of the pictures look like an amateur took them.  One of the pictures my cousin purchased has her looking like a gem, but I looked like I had a triple chin.  Seriously.  I know how to pose for the proper look and lightning.  The cruise photographers, um, no.


My cousin, Kay and I…

We decided to try out Karaoke before we went to the comedy show. However, karaoke was full.  However, we didn’t have wait too long for the show so we headed to the venue for the show.  We had a ball laughing at the comedian and he really was funny.  The audience also helped to make the jokes.  There was a couple there with the wife’s son.  Well the son’s father was there with his girlfriend.  They were cruising as a family.  Too much!


The nightclub. Those 3 guys in the middle were doing the most. Seriously, they were having dance offs and everything. They were the entertainment!

After the comedy show, we decided to go to the nightclub. We had to wait before they even opened the door.  Check this; they actually set it up like a red carpet and bouncers to let you in.  Really they were checking IDs.  We were enjoying the music from the 70s and having a ball watching the display of folks who thought they were dancing.  Actually, they were having the time of their lives.  Shoot, there was a grandpa out there with his younger wife doing a good two-step.  Things were going well and we couldn’t wait until they started playing the more current music.  However, those hopes were dashed because a couple came in and sat behind us and proceeded to smoke.  Shit.  That ruined it for me because of my allergies and my hair.  We had to leave but not before shooting the couple a nasty ass look.  Seriously, no one else was smoking in the club, no one.  And yes you could smoke in the club in designated areas, which to me either you are smoking or nonsmoking.  Smoke billows, shit!  Plus, with my sister pregnant it just wasn’t a good look.


The picture on the bottom left is my favorite from the entire vacation…

Another tidbit, the boat was a rocking on this day really bad.   I tried to work with it, but I woke up out of my sleep because I felt nauseous from all the rocking so I get up to find my Dramamine and looked out the window and the ocean was rough looking and we were going at a break neck pace, to me.  My sister was like take your ass back to sleep, but I had to see what got me up out of my sleep and the water was mad.  Really mad.


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