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Day 5 Grand Turk November 11

Grand Turk was our first port and after the night I had before I needed off the boat for a minute or two. So after a quick breakfast in the dining room, we disembarked for Grand Turk.


Grand Turks…look at the water it is so blue…

Grand Turk is the 2nd smallest island of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  The island has 5000 people with a police force of only 20.  Their biggest crimes are thefts and drugs.  We decided to take a bus tour of the small island; my cousin and her BFF opted out of the excursion.  So for $20 we took a nice and informative tour of Grand Turk.  The main industry is fishing and thanks to Carnival tourism.  Carnival has built areas and such to promote tourism and their boats are constantly coming to the island bringing much needed revenue.  We saw a few boutique hotels, which were quite small.  There weren’t any huge towering hotels on the island, which as of right now is maintaining its quaintness and beauty.  Seriously, the waters were a gorgeous blue.  On the island the horses and donkeys tend to roam wild because they really are.  The cost of getting property is like $1200, where you purchase the land and then build your own home.  Of course, foreigners can’t just do what the locals can as far as property ownership.  The homes were gorgeous to me and the hood area Hacinthia took us to was really beautiful.  With their high fences to keep the horses and donkey out of their yards, and brick exteriors with gorgeous foliage I was impressed.  Now their roads are shit.  We saw the military base the US had on the island.  The US gave them the building and such they had when they occupied the island, which the country turned into a community college.  Yes, they have schools on the island.  They also have a small airport, which was donated to them by the US.   During hurricanes, they go to the center of the island, because they can’t just evacuate because the only way off the island is by boat or plane.  One of the most interesting stories of the island was how they got wood.  They have a lighthouse that was to direct ships, but somehow ships would end up wrecked and they would have a supply of wood.  Needless to say, the lighthouse was made inoperable because of the mishaps.  LOL!  We ended our tour picking up some folks from the little market area on the island.  Hacinthia wanted us to get out and purchase souvenirs.  Honey, we had to just tell her we weren’t about that heat.  We enjoyed the tour and the history lesson.  I would like to visit some of the other Turk and Caicos islands really soon.


This is by the lighthouse. Can’t miss the horses and donkeys


The infamous lighthouse and me taking selfies at Margaritaville!





The landscaping and views in Grand Turk were just beautiful.

Once we finished the tour we headed the largest Caribbean Margaritavilles. We ordered an appetizer and cooling down drinks.  We um, didn’t really care for the wings because the first set we had to send back because they put ranch dressing on them and the second batched tasted too fresh or not so fresh for me.  Folks were getting drunk off their brains and having a blast.  We headed back to the boat before the line got outrageous so we could take a nice little nap.


My NY Strip Steak was delicious…And it is 2016 and I still do not want anymore beef.

Dinner that night I decided to order from their steakhouse menu and I got a New York Strip with veggies and sushi as the appetizer. Let me tell you I haven’t had a steak that big in my entire life.  I was determined to finish that sucker and I did.  Now, I don’t want to eat a steak for a long while.  For real.


More selfies…

We also made sure to catch Empire on television. Sad but true and we were not the only ones running to the room to see it.


Towel figures…Our room stewart did one every night, but I only took one picture of his work. Sad…


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