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Day 6 Half Moon Cay November 12

So on this day, I made it perfectly clear I wasn’t getting off the boat. I do not do beach and sand at all.  I spent the day on a side deck laying on a lounge chair reading and napping.  If the air wasn’t so chilly, I probably would have stayed out there much longer.  The ocean and air were so calming and beautiful.  Watching the tenders coming and going was also interesting as well.


Half Moon Cay…Bahamas

Dinner that night was fried chicken. Let’s just say I probably will not eat fried chicken on the boat again.  LOL!

We had an early night that night so after watching Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder somehow my eyes got so heavy that I was sleep before I knew it.

Did I mention at this point I was extremely congested? I was having yet another allergic reaction this time to the cigarette smoke on the ship.  I was sneezing, coughing, had a stuffy nose and a runny nose for the rest of the trip.  Literally, I was a walking allergy symptom.


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