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Some February Randoms…

And like that…it is February. Where the hell did January go?


Really, February you here already?

This week the weather has been flip flops and shorts and this morning I wake up to my heat on and the need for a coat and gloves. I just can’t.

I am craving Golden Oreos…you know what time it is right?

I was such a bitch at my 2nd job on Tuesday.  However, those kids were getting on my nerves.  I kept saying these are not the folks I had scheduled to work and they are on my nerves!  Plus, I wasn’t feeling great.

I woke up the next day, which was Wednesday, and was still feeling bad but determined to make it to work. I even put on a full face of makeup and because I was so nauseous I knew it was a wrap.  I tried.  I called in and then slept until after noon.  I was really sick and the only way to not feel nauseous was to sleep.  My sister asked what I ate and I said my usual, but I remembered immediately then I had 4 deviled eggs with my lunch the day before.  Shit!  Eggs really do not like me at all.  I am done, seriously because I do not want to ever feel like that again.


Meet Aloha…aka Alaura

Well, my sister had her baby girl, Alaura Charlise. She came 7 weeks early.  You know Martin Luther King Day, well she had her early Tuesday morning.  The Tuesday before that, her water broke so she was in the hospital until they induced her.  Well, Aloha is here.  Yes, I have already given her a new name.  I just don’t call them by their given name.  Ask Lala…even she knows to just answer.  The baby came home from the NIC Unit on last week.  My cousins are down in NOLA helping my sister right now.  And um,…yeah they are team too much!

Looks like her sisters are going to be good with her.


Lala and Hunny Bunny holding Aloha…

Why am I not there helping? First of all, I don’t know nothing about taking care of little babies anymore.  I ain’t changing a diaper or any of that stuff.  My last child is almost 30 years old…LOL!  Frankly, I got to work because I still need to get a car.

Speaking of a car this guy from the neighborhood stopped me one afternoon and asked if I was selling my car and I said I wasn’t thinking about do it, but I could change my mind. Why did this mutherf… come to my house Monday night, after 8 pm asking me about the car?  First of all, I do not answer my door if you do not announce yourself.  Further, who comes to someone’s house about business outside of business hours?  Finally, I do not know your ass and leave me the hell alone!  If I was to sell the car to him he would be at my house as soon as shit goes wrong.  I am not selling my car I am going to trade it in for the little bit if any money they will give me for it.  I got great use out of my car almost over 17 years.  Ugh!  My people are so uninformed.

I need to get excited about the elections, but I can’t. I thought Sanders was going to be more to my liking but he said the wrong damn thing about taxing my ass.  So back to Hillary.  Lawd, it is a struggle to deal with this election.

I was in tears yesterday over the passing of Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire. I grew up with that music and although he hadn’t performed with the band for many years, I will always remember his big afro and stylings.  Rest in Heaven.

Folks are dying every day. While walking Monday afternoon, I spoke with this lady who works in another agency in our building, I usually speak and smile when I see her during my walks.  This day she made a statement to the fact it was the end of the day and time to go home for good, which was weird to me, but I smiled and told her to have a good evening.  Y’all she died that evening after she got home from work.  I was in tears Tuesday.  May she rest in peace.  Her passing reminded me of how important it is to be kind to people.

I love my Fitbit and I love the folks at Fitbit. My tracker was draining so fast after a recent update that I had to charge my tracker every 2 days and for me that was a problem.  I had to drop out 3 challenges the other week because my tracker was low before noon and I didn’t have my charger and had forgotten to charge it the night before.  So I emailed the folks at Fitbit to express my disappointment in the draining of the battery because a charge should last at least 5 days.  Well, I have a brand new replacement tracker that came yesterday.  I love the customer service.

We had book club Saturday and folks my members really disliked the book. No, many didn’t even try to finish it.  I did finish it a few hours before the meeting, seriously.  I read on that book for over a month and it was a struggle to finish.  It was one of those books where you have read the author before and found them entertaining but this time, they used a new editor because this book was a hundred pages too long.  However, this month’s read I am almost finished.  Go me!


Book Club Meeting Selfies…took down the pipe cleaners as well…Notice the curls…wait for it…

My skin is a wreck because of this weather. I did a mask the other night and my face feels better and the dry patches look much better.


My Boscia relaxation mask…

Today is Caitlyn’s birthday she is officially an adult…It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday! I need to get my voice ready to sing it to her, but I know she ain’t ready for this finely tuned tenor, baritone and alta voice…You all know I can’t sing, right?

We finally have a new grocery store! After almost a year without one in our neighborhood, we got one of the Walmart Neighborhood Grocery’s.  I went the opening day after work and it was a bit of shock because when you normally walk into a Walmart it so huge and the neighborhood grocery is not huge, it is big like a grocery store and that takes a moment to get used to.  I went to get the lay of the land and I picked up random items.  Like avocados.  But I will be doing a full shop hopefully this weekend.

I tried avocadoes again. Sighing…I just sliced them and put lime juice and salt and pepper and cumin on it.  It tasted fine, but my goodness the texture is the problem.  I see why folks prefer them in a guacamole.  Frankly, they do not have any taste to them.  I tried to like it, maybe I should try the guacamole again?

No football for me this weekend I am working. I also working Valentine’s weekend as well.

I need to start getting my head right about my shows which will be on real soon. I watched the 1st episode of American Crime and forgot about it the next week it came on and I guess I just said forget about it now because I am so behind.  I just needed that television break and I didn’t want to be chained to my television.  I spend my time on the ID channel.  Crime really interests me.

Don’t worry my vacation series is almost done. Hopefully, I can get back on a schedule for posting and writing, but again when my mind is loaded I can’t write.  I need to be working on my book club’s editor’s note, but I am stumped.  Sighing…


Lala told her mama to take a picture of her favorite shirt to show me…Bless her heart and her pearls.

I hope you have a great weekend. I am going to make the most of mine and not allow negativity to find its way into my peace…


I told you to wait for it…the curls fell, but the ones you see on the left side didn’t even act like they wanted to have tight curl…they gave up. Seriously…LOL!


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