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Day 7 Nassau, Bahamas November 13

In our daily Carnival Times we read the welcome center in Nassau was closed for renovations. I was ecstatic because I just dislike that place.  It is filled with small shops and as soon as you start walking through, because you can’t walk around it you are forced to walk through the entire building to get to the side that leads to downtown, you are accosted to purchase everything from goods to services and with that many folks coming at you it can be overwhelming.  I was just glad I didn’t have to deal with that because the last few times I have had to curse someone out and I really am trying to get to heaven.


Nassau’s gorgeous water…

I have always said I wanted to buy me a little place and live in Nassau. I love the people and the energy, but the last few times I have gone it is has lost its island feel and is much more commercial.  The warmth of the people isn’t the same.


See the bridge leading to Paradise Island…home to the Atlantis Hotel

We headed to the straw market because you can’t come to Nassau without going to the market. We were really early so not all the vendors were there so that was a good thing because that can be overwhelming when they are vying for your attention.  Y’all I didn’t buy any souvenirs.  I purchased a gold anklet on the ship to replace the one I had for a decade or more that was stolen when the folks broke into my house.  I also brought a bead anklet from the straw market.  That is all I purchased.  We also were on the hunt for the White Hennessey.  That was like searching for Big Foot.  Nowhere to be found.  It is a popular item for tourists because you can’t buy it in the states.  Seems the whole island was sold out of it.  We shopped for t-shirts and stuff, not me but everyone else with me did.  Then we headed back to the boat because seriously the heat and the cigarette smoking were doing us in.


Just beautiful…

After a nice lunch, I headed back to the cabin to rest and start repacking my items because Johnitis had finally slipped in. I was ready to go.  This cruise was a day too long for me.

I showed my folks my feet at lunch saying how hot it was in Nassau because I got a serious tan and to prove it I took off my sandal so you could really see the tan lines. I also was wondering since I wore a long maxi dress how I got so tan.  Y’all I was really impressed with my tan until I took a shower.  My damn feet were just dirty.  No tan lines just dirt.  My sister was like, “I thought Shana did Baby foot too but her feet don’t look like it.” That was because they were filthy!


One of my other favorite selfies…I know…Too Vain…


Yes…another selfie

We had our final dinner and gave our waiter, Carlos, and his assistant an extra tip because they really looked out for us and made our dining experience a joy. Our room steward stayed on his job we never left our room and came back to it in the state we left it, whether we were gone for an hour or less.  He was thorough as well.  I found the staff on this particular cruise to be friendly and gracious.


Too much? LOL!

Before we knew it, it was time to put our bags outside our door and get some sleep. We had a flight to catch and we would soon be home.


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