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Day 8 Disembarkation November 14

My cousin and her BFF went to breakfast; my sister and I were like no. We were ready to go.  We had to wait a long time to disembark.  When they finally called our zone we headed down to baggage claim to get our luggage and go through customs.  My custom agent and I flirted and had a nice little time during the process.  However, some of the other agents (women) were uptight.  Loosen up, geez!  And then we stepped out to catch our reserved vehicle to the airport.  Shit, it was hot in Miami.

We had a nice Mercedes van take us back to Ft. Lauderdale airport. However, we were too early luckily for us, we did curbside check in and we were able to check in.  Of course my cousin’s luggage was overweight yet again. Really?

Then we couldn’t go to security because it was too early. The airport is so small they will not allow you to go to your gate more than 2 hours early. We were hungry and we were trying to get to the restaurants, but no, all we had a small little kiosk and vending machines.  After waiting an hour we were able to go through security.  Let me tell you, this airport is small and their security is awful.  Why you may ask?  I walked through the x-ray scanner and then I had to be molested because they saw something on the scanner.  The agent was like, “Do you want to go in a private room for the search?”  Um, no I ain’t going anywhere that isn’t visible to witnesses.  Then she proceeded to pat all on my bra and between my thighs and on my butt.  Bitch!  I was pissed.  My cousin was searched as well.  And BFF had to send her carryon bag back through the scanner and then she had to empty it.  I can’t with these small airports.  I didn’t have anything in my pocket that would cause me to get molested.  Let’s just say I mean mugged the woman.  I write a couple letters and I get to be humiliated, so not cool.  I still need to write another letter.

When we arrived the previous Saturday we thought there were a bunch of restaurants in this particular airport. Um, not.  They had a pizza joint, one sit down restaurant, Aunt Annie’s pretzels and a steak and salad place.  I had steak sandwich which had to be redone because they put cheese on it even after being told twice no cheese.  That shit made my stomach hurt.

We had a good flight to New Orleans. Seeing the city from the sky gives you a new appreciation for the city.  We headed to my sister’s house to sleep before we headed home the next morning.


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