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Randoms for the Long Weekend

It is Friday! Yes, and we have a three day weekend to embrace!  Come on y’all let’s celebrate!  Too early? Too Late? Or, just too much?

I am excited about having Monday off, but um I work all weekend on the second job. Such is life.  Gotta get this car, man.

This week has been filled with wacky weather. We have dealt with cold requiring coats and gloves and today it is going to be a warm and sunny 70 degrees.  Yes, no…because tomorrow the high will only hit 50.  My body is confused.  Hell, I am confused.

Didn’t watch the Superbowl. Actually was trying to catch up on American Crime.  I ain’t even going to talk about the shit that erupted after the halftime show.  But know this; I thought all of the performers did their thing.  Not just two of them.  All the other stuff has me too tired to respond.

I need for Hilary Clinton to act like she wants to be President. I ain’t playing she seems too controlled and not excited something is off.  I ain’t feeling a connection to her.  She better hurry up too.

Formation. Sounds like 7 11.  The video was symbolic, the song though…It will make a great workout song though.  Unfortunately, I ain’t joining Tidal to get it. No concert for me.  You all know the tickets aren’t really that high right?  You know autobots buy up the tickets and up the prices.  There are really average price tickets out there but you aren’t fast enough to get them.  Shrugging…

Why did they remake Roots? Come close to your monitors and phone screens…ihaveneverwatchedrootsinitsentirety!  Side-eye me if you must, but it is the truth.  When it first came on, I have a bedtime so I couldn’t watch it entirely.  As I have gotten older, I can’t watch it because the acting…My truth.  I tried to watch it on BET and I couldn’t do it.

Do you all remember when Kanye used to do music you liked? Just me…oh well.

I got my first Ipsy bag subscription. Three out of the five items were great.  Not too bad.


Did you see Scandal last night? So many folks have put it down, but as a person who remembers when there was a writer’s strike and we had to watch reality television, I appreciate scripted shows.  Plus, the writing is still amazing.  And although it wasn’t heart pounding throughout the episode, it was back to business for Pope and Associates.  Papa Pope is back.  And Olivia was wearing Red y’all!  Which unfortunately, seemed to mean trampy…

HTGAWM was crazy last night. My sister doesn’t text me back and when I am screaming I need someone to text with shit!  And guess what?  The End aka The Guy text me and he watched it with me.  Who says you can’t be friends with your ex?  Especially since you were friends anyway.  Annalise is crazy and them students are on their way to being crazy as well.  I was so confused in the beginning.  I really was.  I think the writers of this show will not be happy unless we all cross over to the crazy side.  Viola does crazy too well.

One of my blogger friends has been having a rough time as of late and if you have it in you say a little extra prayer for her.

This week I set a goal to not call out or call in late for work and guess what? I made it. Go me.  Now to get here early…What?  Imma try.

I will try to do a Creative Cooking segment this weekend. No promises though.  I haven’t really been cooking a lot and really I am so over food.  I ain’t losing weight though.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and make the most of it if you have a three day one!


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