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Final Thoughts

I enjoyed my vacation, because folks I needed the break from my normal life. I have had to deal with a break up, broken down car, broken air conditioner and just feeling broken.  I have been working a lot, probably too much where I was living to work instead of working to live.  I wasn’t taking time to enjoy life and things were passing me by.  I needed to not have to worry about a damn thing for a moment.  I needed to use my passport.  I needed to get back on an airplane (not that TSA shit part though).  I needed to sleep when I wanted without worrying I had to get to work soon.  I needed to see some light in a tunnel that seems to get cloudy too often for my own taste. It felt good to just be.

I really enjoyed my time in Miami and would love to go back for a few days and sample more of what the city has to offer. I am definitely going back to Grand Turks and another Turks and Caicos island.  I don’t like long cruises because I don’t really do most of the things offered on the cruise ship, but I read a lot in peace and quiet.

I always enjoy trips with my sister because we will look at each other and know it was time to go take a nap. Even if she wasn’t pregnant we would be taking daily naps. LOL!

My cousin and her BFF had a great time hitting in the casinos and finding great prices on items they wanted. It also gave them time to be somewhere different.

I am not sure what the next adventure will be, but I will not wait five years again to make it happen.

By the way, my congestion cleared up along with my red eyes a day or so after I got home. What a difference a ceiling fan and no cigarette smoke makes.

P. S. I do know what the next adventure will be, but I haven’t had the heart to tell my cousin I ain’t going on another family vacation. That shit is a wrap!


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